Koolie Dog Breed Guide and Facts

Koolie or Australian Koolie is one of the best herding and working dogs which existed since the nineteenth century. As it was bred for different purposes in different places, this dog has a lot of variance in its population. It is a versatile dog capable of doing almost any task.

Koolies are herding dogs and have an inborn ability to supervise sheep and lead them back to their keeper. These dogs are famous as silent, law-abiding working dogs. 

However, because the requirement for agricultural dogs is no longer required due to the invention of advanced machines, this breed has demonstrated its flexibility in a variety of different industries. It is well-known for its athleticism and obedience, tracking, sensitivity, therapy, emotional support, handicap assistance, and devoted outdoor and family companion dog, but only if properly taught.

If you are planning to get a Koolie puppy and looking for a complete guide on the breed, keep reading this article.

Koolie Breed Profile:

Breed NameKoolie
Female Weight33 to 53 lbs.
Female Height13 to 23 inches
Male Weight33 to 53 lbs.
Male Height13 to 23 inches
Purpose of BreedingWorking and herding dog
Breed SizeMedium
TemperamentDominant, Diligent, Dedicated, Intelligent, Energetic
Energy levelHigh
Barking tendencyLow
Exercise requirementHigh
Colors- Black
- Tri Merle
- Chocolate
- Red Merle
- Blue Merle
- Merle
- Tri-color
Lifespan15 to 18 years
Club Recognition- AHBA (American Herding Breed Association)
- ANKC Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC)
- American Pet Registry, Inc. (APRI)
- Australian Shepherd Council America (ASCA)
- Dog Registry of America, Inc. (DRA)
Social AttentionLow
Health Issues- Hip and elbow dysplasia
- Joint problems
- Skin allergies
Price$200 to $800

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Quick Facts about Koolie:

Common Features and Traits:

Surprisingly, the physical appearance of the Koolie is as diverse as the location from where it evolved- Australia. In Queensland and New South Wales, the Koolies are tall, delicate, and medium-sized. It was developed to herd livestock across large distances. In Victoria, on the other hand, Koolie has a smaller variation and is mostly used for sheep herding.

These dogs are bred to aid farmers, stockmen, cattlemen, and ranchers. Koolies have a great deal of flexibility and are willing to perform under any conditions.

In appearance, this dog is like other herding dogs, having a medium-sized strong, and muscular body. The coat is often short and smooth while some pups have medium coats. 

Pros & Cons:


  • Dominant, Independent, Industrious
  • Longer lifespan
  • Tolerance of extreme weather conditions
  • Perfect companion dog
  • Low barking tendency
  • Wonderful working dog 
  • Low maintenance


  • High Activity requirements
  • Not for novice owners


These dogs are well around other animals while peaceful and patient with children if well socialized at a younger age. They are independent dogs who enjoy their lives. These canines are extremely smart and hardcore working dogs. In any situation, they will work since they have a strong willingness to perform.

Not for everyone

Although Koolie is a medium-sized dog but has a lot of energy. This breed requires plenty of exercise and activities along with mental stimulation. It is not a dog for every person but it needs an owner who must be determined, patient, and experienced, ideally, a person who works from home but has a lot of time to entertain his dog.

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Requires a job

In addition to regular exercises, this dog must be given a duty to perform. Since it is a working dog that is specially developed to learn and perform tasks. While this breed will show better results if you give it a task to perform. 

Standard of living

This dog is not suitable for apartment dwellers since it is an enthusiastic dog that requires vigorous exercise. A rural lifestyle is ideal for Koolies since they love to live in a bigger space. However, it can be adopted by people who live in a house with a large yard so that Koolie can roam freely.

Bottom Line

Koolie is undoubtedly one of the best working dogs well known for its speed and strength. It can be used for a variety of tasks, such as herding sheep and driving cattle. It is a faithful and affectionate dog that can make an excellent companion for active people.

So, if you have been dealing with energetic working dogs for a long time and wondering whether Koolie would be the best match for you or not, it could be the best working dog you can ever have.

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