Labradoodle Dog Breed Info – A Comprehensive Guide

Smart, cute, and heart-melting eyes! Meet the Labradoodle, the perfect mix of a lovable and helpful lad in one package. Impossible to miss in a crowd, this furry little munchkin loves to be loved and is one of the most popular dogs around knowing how to burrow its way into your heart.

Such is their usefulness that Doodles also know when and how to guide you through your day (pun intended). If the looks were not enough to win you over, there is a whole personality to boot. The perfect combination of beauty and brains make sure you have a friend with you every step of the way.

Labradoodle is the cross between Labrador Retriever and Poodle. Both pure dogs are among the most popular breed in the world, especially the Labrador is topping the charts for many years.

Due to its unbeatable popularity, we have decided to write a comprehensive guide about Labradoodle. This Labradoodle guide is helpful for those who are planning to get a Labradoodle puppy and looking for a guide to learn about this adorable breed.

As it is important to learn everything about the breed you are getting for the first time, we have added everything about Labradoodles such as temperament, pros and cons, health-related issues, and others. Also, it is important to get a puppy from a well-reputed Labradoodle breeder.

So, without further ado, let’s explore the best of Labradoodles below.

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Labradoodle History

This adorable dog has a perfect teddy bear looks. Looks, however, was not the priority when the first one came into being. Categorized as a designer dog, this breed has been here since 1988 when a couple in Australia had an idea. They needed a dog with the “working ability of a Labrador and the coat of the poodle” for a blind woman whose husband had allergies.

Equally popular in the US and Australia, the Labradoodle is especially famous for its charming good looks and manners. A huge hit at dinner parties, it captivates the audience which has helped it become a household name. Today the puppies serve as family pets, guide dogs, service dogs, and therapy dogs for thousands around the world.

Labradoodle Features

Characterized by their looks and personality, Labradoodles bring a lot more to the table than just those two. From its adaptability to its variety, down below are some of the characteristics that make it truly special.

  • You are spoilt for choice when it comes to colors. Most people go for the safe black or brown, but you have a whole range of colors to choose from blue to beige and apricot.
  • Cute black eyes that you could look at all day and not tire of while also capable of melting your heart in a second.
  • Capable of pulling off any look, it proves that by looking equally stunning in a flowing wavy coat or distinctive bouncing curls
  • Coming in at a fun size 22-24 inches, so if you have a small apartment, be ready for some stuff to break.
  • Not shy about their weight, they come in at around 50-80 pounds.

Labradoodle Temperament

A Labradoodle has terrific energy and is very capable of tiring you out but matches that up with an easy-going personality. Now that does not mean that they can’t surprise you as the exact temperament varies to each individual, so, be ready for surprises.

Loyalty is a strong trait, however, and you can count on your Doodle to stick by your side. Comfortable with your family and strangers alike, their shows of affection can easily brighten up your day. It helps if you have them interact with people from an early age and can be extremely helpful (more on that later).

Living with a Labradoodle

Being the energetic playthings, they are, don’t be surprised if you get a serious workout when they are around. Labradoodles thrive when they have room to work with, or maybe a small lawn to play in. Brace yourself when one comes running towards you because they are prone to get a little over-excited. You will have an easier time cleaning up because they don’t shed their coat as much as other breeds. That also means that if people around you have allergies, they can rest easy.

Labradoodle Training

You will need to take your Doodle out to the park because life at home is not for them. They need plenty of exercise so it helps if you can match their energy. An hour a day should be good enough to keep them fit and healthy. They take very well to training so it should not give you a lot of headaches.

Labradoodle Health

Be watchful for hip and elbow dysplasia because both the parent breeds have a high risk of contracting them. Both breeds also tend to become overweight, so keep a close eye on what they eat and getting plenty of exercises. Be vigilant, and make sure you take them to the vet once a month.

Labradoodle as your Best Friend

If you want a watchdog, the Labradoodle is not for you. They make amazing friends and act as competent therapy dogs for several ailments. Adapt at leading you, they work as perfect partners if you are facing partial or complete blindness and can serve as guide dogs. They are also excellent swimmers, so don’t forget to pack Doodle on your day out to the pool.

Life expectancy

You can expect your Labradoodle to be with you for a while. There isn’t a confirmed number, but you can expect them to be around anywhere from 12-20 years. Expect to make a lot of memories along the way.

Wrapping it up

There isn’t a lot you can go wrong with when getting a Labradoodle. You can count on them and expect to have fun when they are around. You look once into their eyes, and you are charmed into loving them. Hang around them some more, and you are in love with their personality.

Add to that their usefulness and will be hard-pressed to find anyone better. Remember, you need to be responsible for them and make sure they are healthy and fed. If you have no experience with dogs, I would suggest you go smaller before you step up and get a Labrador. But if you do, expect some good days ahead!

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