Going for a road trip with your furry pal? Ensure safety and security first!

Some pet parents prefer going on trips with their furry friends. They just can’t imagine a vacation without their dog sitting in the backseat and that is a good gesture. In fact, the latest survey confirmed the fact that almost 95% of pet parents have planned at least one overnight trip with their fur buddies.

Can you blame them? These cute travel companions bring so much fun and positivity to the trip. Also, you won’t ever take a bad selfie with your adorable doggo in the frame. Like humans, even dogs love to travel and explore as we all know that they love to do everything associated with adventure and fun.

But suppose you aren’t prepared to accommodate your furry pal in your car. In that case, your adventurous and happy trip can easily turn into your worst nightmare.

So, if you have never taken a trip with your doggie and intend to take one now, it is better to plan ahead to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet. After this, you’ll understand that traveling on a long route with such a fun companion is certainly not easy as it looks. Thus, without any further ado, let’s take a quick roll on a checklist that keeps your pet safe throughout the journey.

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Ways to ensure the safety of your dogs on a road trip

Keep him restrained

First things first, dogs are jumpy and, if not trained properly, they keep on fidgeting in the car. But it is not safe for you or your dog to keep hopping and creating mischief while you are driving. Undoubtedly, that can be a cause of a severe car crash as he can easily draw your attention from the wheel. In such a situation, airbags might be able to save you, but your beloved pet will not be able to survive the crash. And that can be devastating.

To ensure that doesn’t happen, make sure that your pet is comfortable in the backseat. And just to be on the safer side, try putting it in the carrier and strap it to the seat with an anchor or a seatbelt. Ideally, the carrier should be large enough for your doggo to stand, spin, and lie down.

Also, you must make sure that your dog doesn’t ride with his head out of the window. Yeah! We know that it’s cute and makes them happy. But in case of a collision or unexpected break slams, your pet can get severely injured or maybe worse.

Don’t park and leave

During your long trip, you might feel okay leaving your pet in the car for a few minutes while you take a short trip to the supermarket. But is that fine? Let’s find out!

On an average day with a temperature ranging up to 70 degrees, your car can quickly get overheated up to 115 degrees. And that can be a huge problem for your pet. A recent Pediatrics heat creates a ripple effect on the mood and health of a dog’s body, and they are prone to heat exhaustion. So, even if you have to leave your pet inside the car, make sure that you either park in the shade or keep the window slightly open so that the heat inside the car becomes bearable.

And if you think that it is safer to leave your pet in a freezing car, there is no chance for heat exhaustion. Then you can’t be more wrong! You should know that it is just as dangerous as leaving him in an overheated car. This is because when you turn the ignition off, the heater stops working, and the temperature inside the car drops dramatically. Staying in freezing temperatures can cause your dog hypothermia.

Therefore, it is safer to keep your pet always with you and avoid leaving him unattended in the car. Just to be on the safer side.

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Keep him well-fed

When you decide to take your dog for the road trip, make sure that you remember to pack your pet’s favorite food. This is because, unlike humans, dogs can’t eat anything that’s available in Target. You must always be stocked up on your pet’s favorite food. You should also design a proper food timetable and stick to it throughout your trip. Remember, dogs get a bit frustrated when they aren’t fed properly or their routine is changed.

According to the veterinarians, feed your pet a light meal before hitting the road. And if you have to feed him while you are on the road, make sure that you stop and feed him. This will help in avoiding car sickness or motion sickness.

In fact, packing food for your pet can be a bit tricky. For instance, suppose your pet is fond of eating frozen, raw, or wet dog food, then you need to make sure that you have adequate means to keep it fresh and cold throughout the journey.

Also, it is advisable to keep the frozen and packed food that requires you to defrost them. Try placing your pet’s meal between the ice-filled cooler and its lid. This will allow the meal to thaw properly and will be all-set for your fur baby to enjoy.

Pack a separate travel kit for him

In order to keep the luggage minimal, pet parents generally pack everything together. That might be a brilliant way to travel light but can confuse you in case of a pet emergency. What if you have to turn everything upside down just to find your pet’s toys? Or what if you can’t find the treats for your furry friend? No matter how organized you are, that can be annoying.

So, you should pack your doggie essentials such as leashes, treats, toys, food, and everything else in a separate bag so that you know what to look for at what place. Also, pack your dog’s first aid kit to avoid any serious issue in case of an emergency. That’s easy peasy lemon squeezy. Right?

To sum it all up

Traveling with your fur baby can be adventurous and exhilarating. Without adequate planning, it can cause a problem for you and your pup. So, make sure that you take a few short car rides with your dog so that you both get used to each other and start planning for the longer one in advance.

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