Bernedoodle vs Newfypoo – A Quick Comparison

Bernedoodle and Newfypoo, both are the Poodle crosses and among the popular ones. Bernedoodle on one side comes in several sizes from small to large and a plethora of colors while the Newfypoo is a large-sized dog that comes in limited colors and sizes.

Upon looking closely, we have found out that most Doodle breeds were among the high demanding breeds in 2020 such as Cavapoo, Bernedoodle, Labradoodle, Newfypoo, Goldendoodle, and many others. So, we can say that Doodles may outclass some purebreds in the future in terms of popularity.

We have been writing comprehensive guides on different breeds on our website for our readers. Bernedoodle and Newfypoo, both have been featured on our website but we have been receiving queries and emails regarding their comparison. Especially, our readers were keen to know the significant differences between Standard Bernedoodle and Newfypoo. Therefore, we have written this quick but informative article.

So, if you are looking for a comparison between Bernedoodle and Newfypoo, you are in the right place. Let’s have a quick comparison between both the breeds below.

Bernedoodle vs Newfypoo Comparison Table

Other names- Newfydoo
- Newfiedoodle
- Bernese Mountain Poo
- Berner Poo
Bred byUnknown Sherry Rupke
OriginMost probably the USCanada
Cross betweenNewfoundland and PoodleBernese Mountain Dog and Poodle
Key characteristicsLarge-sized, muscular, polite, and even-temperedHypoallergenic coat, friendly, cuddly, intelligent
Lifespan8 - 12 years12 - 16 years
Weight30 - 70 KG4 - 40 kg
Body FeaturesGiant rectangular body, thick hypoallergenic coat, broader muzzle.Variable size, straight to wavy and curly coat, floppy ears, and button eyes
Hanging ears, button eyes and bushy tail.
ColorsBlack, brown, grey, black & white, brown & whiteWhite, black, merle, brown, black & white, and several tri-colored patterns
Behavior/Temperament- Friendly
- Children-friendly
- Obedient
- Alert
- Children-friendly
- Energetic and playful
- Intelligent
Pros- Easily trainable
- Low-shedding coat
- Mild exercise needs
- Cuddly
- Low-shedding coat
- Ideal family dog
- Stranger-friendly
- Healthy breed
Cons- Not suitable for small houses
- Regular grooming needed
- Daily exercise is a must
- Separation anxiety
- Not an ideal guard dog
Common health issues- Bloat
- Hip Dysplasia
- Heart diseases
- Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
- Sebaceous Adenitis
- Von Willebrand’s Disease
- Eye Cataract

This table can help you learn the comparisons between both the breeds but some points are need to be explained, such as temperament, health, and coat, so you can find them below.

Bernedoodle vs Newfypoo Temperament

Well, if you are choosing a new breed for the first time, it is really very important to collect as much information about their temperament, as you can.

While talking about the Doodles’ temperament, most of them are likely to get it from their Poodle parent, at least a small amount. And in the case of Bernedoodle and Newfypoo, they are even better than their parents. How? Find it below.

Newfoundland is a giant dog with the softest heart that does extremely well with everyone, and especially the children. So, when a Newfoundland is mixed with the intelligent Poodle, it results in an even more affectionate and loving breed. BTW, did you know that the Newfoundland dog is often referred to as a Nanny Dog?

On the other side, the Bernese Mountain Dog is an easy-going dog that is very calm and loving. So, the Bernese Poodle mix is more likely to have an excellent temperament.

So, we can conclude that the Newfypoo and Bernedoodle, both have an exceptional temperament, all you need to do is their early-age training and socialization, and you are good to go with them.

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Bernedoodle vs Newfypoo Coat Comparison

Well, they are more like to have a low-shedding coat, still, one can predict the exact type of coat because the Bernese Mountain dog and Newfoundland have a high-shedding coat while the Poodle has a low-shedding coat. And when mixed, the puppies may inherit their coat from either of the parent breeds.

But here is the deal. If you get an F1b or F2b generation puppy with a higher tendency of Poodle, you are more likely to get a low-shedding coat.

Health Comparison between Newfypoo and Bernedoodle

Everyone wants a healthy dog though but every dog is prone to some common health-related issues, as well as, they may inherit genetic issues from their parents.

While comparing Newfypoo and Bernedoodle, we can say that being a large-sized dog, the Newfypoo is prone to several diseases that any giant dog may get such as hip and elbow dysplasia. Along with that, cystinuria, cherry eye, and bloat are also among the common issues.

The Standard Bernedoodle is prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, as well as, other common issues. There is also a possibility of sebaceous adenitis and eye cataract.

How to overcome these health-related issues? Well, an experienced breeder would never breed a dog if he found any of such diseases in the parents. So, as a responsible dog owner, you should do complete homework on choosing the right breeder, ask for health certificates of the puppies and parents, and do not encourage puppy mills and backyard breeders.

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Bottom line:

So, which dog should I get? Bernedoodle or Newfypoo? Well, if you have a bigger space and need a calm but protective dog that can also be a playmate for your children (not the infants), Newfypoo is an ideal choice for you. But remember, if you already have a toy dog breed and/or an infant at home, don’t get a Newfypoo.

If you need a cuddly dog that becomes a partner with you in most of your activities, you may consider getting a Bernedoodle. But it is necessary that you don’t leave them alone for a long time because they may develop separation anxiety.

In our opinion, both breeds are wonderful, it is all about your requirements and the amount of time you can give to your fur baby.

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