Bernedoodle Temperament and Behavior

When it comes to choosing a hybrid dog breed with a temperament higher than the peak of Rocky Mountain, Bernedoodle makes one of the best dog breeds.

Bernedoodles are a complete package dog that comes with almost everything you are looking for in a dog. And yes, it’s hypoallergenic too which means he won’t shed to irritate you.

With a moderate energy level, Bernedoodles are relaxed and accompany you gracefully whether you watch television, play an outdoor sport, or do any other daily routine work. If you have a Bernedoodle then you don’t need to visit an amusement park because he will be there to amuse you.

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He’ll be your best companion while doing everything, so if you haven’t decided on a dog, go for a Bernedoodle.

In this post, we are going to write some words about Bernedoodle’s temperament, but first, let’s find the important factors of a dog’s temperament.

How a Dog’s Temperament is concluded?

There are several factors that are considered to measure a Dog’s temperament while talking about a specific breed, such as, its trainability, heredity, and behavior towards kids and other pets. Moreover, their confidence, prey drive, protectiveness, stability, level of aggression, and the ability to sense the threats are also considered seriously.

Now, let’s talk about Bernedoodle’s temperament.

Bernedoodle Temperament


Bernedoodles are among the easiest dog breeds when it comes to training because they inherit trainability from both parents, especially the Poodle. The best idea is to offer treats and rewards during the training sessions, as they may not go well with aggressive training.

Use positive reinforcement and do not scold them if they are not doing well.


They are playful and accompany their humans in almost all the activities. Whether you do daily exercises or other outdoor sports, they’ll always be ready for that.

Friendly attitude:

They are friendly and gentle and can make the best friends of kids of all ages, strangers, and guests. They are highly protective and make the best therapy dogs for people with disabilities.

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Adaptability with different types of weather:

In terms of their response to different weathers, they are similar to humans and react the same way to warm and cold weather just like you do. But their favorite weather is winter because of their undercoat and body fats.

It is recommended to keep them indoors during warm weather. Also, in warm and humid weather, you shouldn’t exercise them more often as they may fizzle out.


They are attention grabbers and quickly make new friends. They feel comfortable with all types of pets and other dogs, but they prefer to stay close to their human instead of other dogs.

Whether you Should get a Bernedoodle or not?

A big YES, if you can manage to spend your time with your doggy and can give him enough love and exercise which he needs. If your daily routine is tough and you think that you will not be able to give him enough time, you should consider getting a less active dog breed. But one thing is for sure, you MUST give the required time to your pooch whatever the breed is.

Final thoughts:

So, it was Bernedoodle, the powerhouse of playfulness and joy. Get one for you and your family, and thank us later. If you are wondering where to get a Bernedoodle, you can check Best Bernedoodle Breeders and they may help you in getting one for yourself.

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