Utonagan Dog Breed Info – The Wonderful Mixture

The world of dogs is just amazing where we find purebred dogs, hybrid dogs, mutts, and much more. But this multi-dimensional dog “Utonagan” is something out of this planet.

This comprehensive guide contains everything you need to know about the Utonagan dog. So, if you have plans on getting a Utonagan puppy, keep reading.

Let’s explore more about Utonagan dogs.

Origin of Utonagan Dogs

Utonagan – The name was taken from the Chinook Indian Language meaning “spirit of the wolf”. At first glance, its striking resemblance to a wolf will leave your mouth open for a moment. This strong, athletic wolf alike is not from the wolf’s bloodline directly. But one of the parent breeds; Siberian Husky belongs to wolves.

What’s unique and interesting about the Utonagan dogs?

Well, these dazzling dogs are relatively new in the world of hybrid dogs. They were created in the 1980s by Edwina Harrison, who was determined to get a breed that resembles a wolf but inherits the attributes of a well-tempered domestic dog.

The Utonagan dogs have a unique bloodline; they were carefully cross-bred by using a Siberian Husky; renowned for its ability to work in packs, with an athletic body enabling it to move heavy luggage from one place to another, an Alaskan Malamute; the active brainy ones who mix up well with others, a German Shepherd; the multi-tasking breed, which is famous for its intelligence and accommodative nature and five other rescued dogs, whose origin is still not known.

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A Quick Intro to the Parent Breeds:

Siberian Husky:

The Siberian Husky is a Northeast Asian dog breed that is known for its energy, dominance, and ability to sled. It was developed by the Chukchi people and is one of the closest breeds to the Alaskan Malamute and Alaskan Husky. It usually has beautiful blue eyes and dashing looks which is why it is considered one of the most beautiful dogs.

siberian husky dog

Image: San Diego Shooter via Flickr

It is a high-energy dog that needs a lot of exercise and activities to kill its boredom. Because of its superstar looks, the Siberian Husky has been featured in several movies such as Togo, Eight Below, and Snow Buddies. This proud dog is a high-maintenance breed and is not suitable for first-time owners.

German Shepherd:

If you are a dog lover, you must be familiar with this intelligent all-rounder dog; German Shepherd. This intelligent dog breed is among the most popular dog breeds throughout the world and as per the AKC, it is among the top 5 most popular dog breeds in the world.

german shepehed dog

Image: RebaSpike from Flickr

It is an ideal family dog, as well as, one of the best dogs that are used for herding, police and military service, drug detection, and much more. In the UK and many European countries, it is also known as Alsatian.

The German Sheperd dogs were a significant part of the rescue operations held after the 9/11 tragedy at the Twin Towers and successfully pinpointed many survivors from the collapsed and destructed buildings.

Alaskan Malamute:

Similar to Huskies and other Spitz dogs, the Alaskan Malamute is believed to be one of the oldest dogs dating back to around 12,000 years ago. These large-sized dogs were originally used for sledding purposes, but now, they are kept as family dogs in many countries.

smiling dog alaskan malamute

Image: brittanyjoy.northerner via Flickr

The Alaskan Malamute is yet another high-maintenance breed that comes with a lot of responsibilities. Along with that, they need lots of exercise to stay healthy and happy. With proper training, an Alaskan Malamute can become an ideal family dog but is not suitable for apartment life.

Other Breeds:

5 other dogs were believed to be mixed in this mixture to form a Utangon dog, which were said to be rescue dogs and there was no information about their breed. We may consider them mutts.

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What are the Features of an Utonogan Dog?

Imagine the blend of 8 carefully chosen breeds. Inheriting the exotic genetic makeup, they will be nothing short of a masterpiece. Certain features of these wolflike are illustrated below:

  • They are athletic and showcase a muscular physique.
  • The head is neither too elongated nor too broad, more specifically wedge-shaped, and well-cohered to the rest of the slender body.
  • Their deep and sharp almond-shaped eyes vary in color, mostly brown, yellow, or amber. Blue eyes are a rare case.
  • The triangular ears are relatively small but appear firm with rounded tips.
  • A well-proportioned black nose and jaw area encasing perfectly overlapped upper and lower teeth.
  • The forelegs are long and cylinder in proportion to the hind legs which are muscular and athletic, enabling them to be extremely active and sporty.
  • The average male is 63-84cm tall, weighing roughly 32-40kg. Whereas, the females are 61-71cm in height with 25-41kg weight.
  • They have a thick double coat, with medium to long lengths during the winters. The thick coat sheds during the summers to refrain from overheating. They have a furry tail that keeps swinging when they are active.
  • The furry coat color varies from silver-greyish to black and brown.

Utonagan Pros and Cons

Now, we’ll add some pros and cons to owning a Utonagan dog. Reading them with full attention will help you to decide about the breed and whether you should get it or not. It is highly recommended not to get a specific breed that seems difficult to maintain and raise.

So, let’s find out the positive and negative traits of Utonagan.


First, we’ll have a look at the positive traits aka pros of owning a Utonagan dog.

Highly intelligent

It is a brilliant dog breed, no doubt, it has the intelligence of the Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, and Alaskan Malamute combined.


It does well with kids and really likes the company of children. The Utonagan dog makes a strong bond with the children but it is recommended to keep them supervised while they are around children.


They love to learn and luckily, they are quick learners. The best practice is to start their early-age training and socialization otherwise they may give you a very tough time once they are grown up.


If you have other dogs at home you do not need to worry about that because they are tolerant enough to live along with other dogs. Sometimes, they may show dominance and you need to work on this wisely.


Given below are the negative traits aka cons of having a Utonagan dog.


When it comes to energy and daily activities, they’ll bring you on your toes. You will be needing a lot of time to exercise and walk them daily. If you have a busy routine, Utonagan is not suitable for you.

Not suitable for first-time owners:

The Utonagan dog is not an easy breed for first-time owners and only a well-experienced and dominant owner would be able to handle this breed.

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Temperament and Nature

If I say Utonagan is all about love, gentleness, and affection, then it wouldn’t be wrong. Regardless of their wolf-like appearance, they make the best family dog because of their calm, gentle, and even-tempered traits.

They are energy packs that will keep you busy and entertained. You need to develop exciting tasks and enrichment activities to keep them busy, or else they are mischievous enough to get themselves in trouble. They love to play around you. They are quick learners; you can indulge them in helping you with home chores.

Owing to their welcoming nature, they are not well-suited for guarding but will let you know if something alarming happens around them. The owner needs to set clear boundaries and display authority to cater to their dominant nature.

These dogs may suffer from mental illnesses when there is a lack of bonding, attention or if left alone. Furthermore, they make the best therapy dogs because of their adaptable, sociable, and calm nature.

Grooming Guide

The thick double coat requires maintenance during the winter. It is recommended to brush its fur frequently in the winters to untangle knots and twice a week during the summers as it naturally sheds its coat to avoid extreme heat. Checking their ears once a week is mandatory to ensure there are no ticks, infections, wax, or foreign objects stuck inside.

You don’t need to bathe Utonagan more frequently or you may end up removing the natural oil in their fur. Plaque-free teeth require frequent brushing and the use of dog bones or stuffed toys can help prevent plaque from building up. Nails need to be trimmed timely due to speedy growth.

Living with a Utonagan

Their friendly and gentle characteristics make them best suited for children and the elderly. They have a unique sense of affection for kids. They long for companionship and barely lose their temper. In fact, they make the most happening pet dogs. Besides family, they can be trained to live peacefully with other pets at home too because of their inherited trait to live in packs.

Nutritional Requirements

Utonagan needs an adequate diet encompassing fats, meat, and plant fibers in balanced proportions. Its athletic body needs to be nurtured with care and requires regular portions to avoid obesity. It is advised to choose the best quality manufacturer for choosing the right dry food. You can opt for raw food or cook home meals as well. The amount of food intake must be consulted with the vet because their appetite varies from age to age.

Training and Exercise Needs of a Utonagan

Utonagans have a tremendous amount of energy that needs to be utilized to avoid destructive behavior at home. Establishing authority whilst being patient is fundamental while training your Utonagan or else they can be stubborn and dominant.

At least a 60-minute walk/exercise/activity is a must to keep its muscular physique in shape. They are quick learners, they need a fenced yard to play games and challenging tasks that involve mental stimulation, or else they get bored easily.

Health Concerns

They have a life expectancy between 12-15 years. During this span, they are prone to several health issues due to inherited genes. Eye infections, hip, and joint dysplasia – a condition where both joints don’t fit, epilepsy, Addison’s disease – a condition in which adrenal glands fail to produce steroids such as aldosterone and cortisol, fundamental to operating vital organs, Von Willebrand’s disease – a bleeding disorder resulting in the deficiency of a protein needed to facilitate platelets to form clots, are common health concerns.

How much does a Utonagan puppy cost?

You may get a Utonagan puppy for around $1000, there aren’t many Utonagan breeders though and you may face difficulty while finding one. Apart from the puppy’s cost, you may need to spend around $500 on its maintenance and supplies yearly which includes vet visits, accessories, vaccinations, and groomer visits.

Summing it up

Utonagans; the distinct and exceptional crossbred dogs around, will literally make your heart flutter due to their majestic traits. Their massive furry and sporty physique is coveted.

It is an exuberant blend of intellect and calmness. It will surely fill your home with happiness and warmth, all for a little companionship and love of yours. This sharp creature is a quick learner and grasps your commands swiftly—a one-of-a-kind treasure, ideal for your home. 

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