Australian Collie – The Perfect Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix

Looking for a quick fact sheet about an Australian Collie dog? You’ve got one here.

The Australian Collie is a hybrid dog- a cross between the most intelligent dog Border Collie and Australian Shepherd. Just like its parent breeds, the Australian Collie is a herding dog and is an excellent herder of the livestock.

If you have planned to get an Australian Collie puppy and looking for an authentic resource to know more about the breed, keep reading this article.

Introduction and Origin of the Australian Collie

The Border Collies were originated from the border area of Scotland and England while the Australian Shepherds were originated in the USA and not Australia. The origin of the Australian Collie is unknown and there isn’t any proof available of their intentional breeding.

Also known as Border Aussie, the Australian Shepherd usually looks like the Australian Shepherd having a mesocephalic head. They are more likely to have a waterproof double coat like a Border Collie while they come in lots of colors and patterns including red tricolor, merle, sable, and black & white.

We can expect them to inherit one or more features and traits from both parent breeds and no one can predict the exact outcome.

10 Interesting Facts about Australian Collie

  • As the Australian Collie is said to be a product of the two most esteemed Shepherd dogs, it makes one of the best breeds that can be used for herding purposes.
  • This perfect designer dog is also known as Aussie Collie, Assieollie, and Border-Aussie.
  • Interestingly, the Australian Collie has no direct connection with Australia. The reason behind this is the Australian Shepherd which itself is an American dog breed. While the Border Collie was developed in Scotland and England.
  • With an average lifespan of around 10 to 14 years, the Australian Collie has good overall health and is considered of the healthiest dog breeds.
  • Apart from its herding abilities, the Australian Collie makes the best pet dogs but remember, it is a high-energy dog and you need to exercise them a lot.
  • If you are an adventurer, farmer, bicyclist, or jogger, this dog is an ideal match for you.
  • If you are a first-time dog owner, Australian Collie is not for you. Instead, you should go for a low-energy and easy-maintenance dog breed.
  • The Australian Collie or Aussie Collie is an intelligent dog that needs constant exercise and activities for mental stimulation or they may get bored and destructive.

Final words:

So, it was a quick post featuring 10 interesting facts about Australian Collie. We’ll write a comprehensive guide soon on the breed so, if you are planning to get an Australian Collie, you’ll get the most information in that guide.

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