Cavapoochon Temperament & Behavior

Cavapoochon, also known as the Peter Pan Dog, is one of the most popular mixed breeds in the UK and the US. If you are planning to get a Cavapoochon puppy and looking for a detailed resource guide on the breed’s temperament, personality, and behavior, keep reading this article.

This article contains everything about Cavapoochon’s temperament and behavior. But have you ever wondered what are the important factors that make up a dog’s temperament? Let’s learn it below.

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What Makes a Dog’s Temperament?

There are many factors that are considered to measure the behavior and temperament of a dog. Such as its trainability, attitude towards kids and other pet animals, level of aggression, protectiveness, and confidence. Furthermore, its prey drive and potential to sense the threats are also considered solemnly.

The same is in the case for a Cavapoochon. So let’s explore more about Cavapoochon’s temperament below.

Cavapoochon Temperament and Behavior

Training a Cavapoochon:

Cavapoochon is a quick learner and one of the easiest dog breeds in terms of trainability. It inherits intelligence and trainability from all the parent breeds, especially the Toy Poodle. 

Experts and trainers suggest conducting rewarding training sessions to get the best results. Moreover, you should start training your Cavapoochon puppies from an early age.

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They are famous for their gentle nature and playing with their humans. They enjoy spending most of their time with their humans. The Cavapoochons are always ready to accompany you in outdoor activities and walks. You just whisper “walk” and they’ll be there for you. 

Friendly nature:

Cavapoochon dogs are very friendly and love to make new friends. They love to be petted by strangers and friends. They get along with other dogs and pets (including cats), so if you have one, don’t be panic as it will be a great fit in the pack.

Weather Tolerance:

They are weather friendly and their response to different weather conditions is almost the same as humans. The Bichon Frise does really well in chilling cold weather and they are capable of surviving in the colder areas of the world, and Cavapoochon has inherited this trait as well. They can survive in colder places like their parent breeds, still, keep them warm and covered to avoid any disaster. Read Dogs and Winter.

Likewise, in warm weather conditions, you should keep them indoor and avoid heavy exercises and activities.


Along with other qualities, the most popular quality of Cavapoochon is its socio-friendly personality. Actually, it is very social and affectionate but it may be a bit vocal. 

They are alert and active and would alert you when someone is on the door.

High Barkers:

They love barking and being a highly vocal dog, they may give you a headache. No matter they see a stranger or a squirrel and mouse, they’d be barking like anything. But if you train them from an early age, you can easily get rid of this habit in your fur baby.

Final Words:

Well, this was about an affectionate, friendly, and gentle dog- Cavapoochon. If you are planning to get a soulmate for yourself we will suggest this little creature. But like every other dog, Cavapoochon requires enough exercise, outdoor activities, socialization, and a healthy diet to become a well-mannered dog. So, if you can manage your timetable accordingly, then go ahead and get a puppy.

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