Azawakh – Dog Breed Profile and Fun Facts

The Azawakh is a West African dog breed that originated from the sub-Saharan African pariah dogs that are popularly known as Basenji or bush dogs. The famous North African dog Sloughi is said to be Azawakh’s closest relative.

Associated with the Tuareg people, the Azawakh dog was used as a livestock guardian and hunting dog. It is a sighthound that is similar to South Indian and Middle Eastern Sighthounds.

Given below is the Quick Profile of Azawakh.

Azawakh Profile

Other Names- Bareeru
- Hanshee
- Idi
- Oska
- Rawondu
- Tuareg Sloughi
- Wulo
Place of origin- Burkina Faso
- Azawagh Valley
- Mali
- Niger
Lifespan12 - 15 years
Weight15 - 25 kg
Height60 - 74 cm
Colors- Brindle
- Dark Fawn/Brown
- Red
CoatShort & Fine
Close breeds- Sloughi
- Rajapalayam
- Saluki
Temperament- Excellent hunter
- Works well in a pack
- Wonderful lap dog if trained well
- Protector by nature
- Survive extremely hot weather
Health-related issues- Excellent overall health
- No records of Hip Dysplasia
ReproductionOnce a year with a litter size of 4 to 6 puppies
Exercise needsVery high. They are very energetic and need lots of exercises
Price$2000 - 2500

6 Fun Facts about Azawakh

Azawakh is a Powerhouse

Azawakh has lots of power and it can reach up to 64 km/h or 40 miles/h. It is an ideal breed for you if you are an athlete and need a partner that can motivate and accompany you during the training sessions. On the other side, these dogs are not suitable for lazy owners.

Hates rain and cold weather

They don’t like to be in a place where the weather is cold. Their little body fat and thin fur won’t let them live peacefully in cold areas. And when it comes to tolerating heat, Azawakh is among the most heat tolerant dogs.

Azawakh is a digger

As they are from the desert region, they dig in the desert to keep themselves cool against the extremely hot weather. And while in your home, if you have a lawn or backyard, get ready to face some irritating digging from them.

Sharpest temperament

When it comes to sighthound breeds, the Azawakhs have the best ever temperament because can become an ideal pet dog.

Injuries? Say again

Yes, not only their overall health is exceptional but also they don’t get many injuries, although they run very fast on rough and hard terrains.

Rarest Dog Breed

Azawakh is said to be one of the rarest dog breeds because it can hardly be found outside its origin. Although some of its population can be found in the US and Canada, it is considered a rare dog breed.

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