Springerdoodle Dog Breed Profile and Facts

In the list of popular hybrid dogs, the Springerdoodle is among the popular ones. It is the mixture of an English Springer Spaniel and a Poodle. This designer dog is known by various names such as Sproodle and Springerpoo.

The Springerdoodles are Exceptionally loyal and affectionate dogs and do well around kids and other dogs. Family is more important to them than anything else, so they will do anything to show their love. 

Springerdoodle Breed Profile:

Breed NameSpringerdoodle
Other Names- Sproodle
- Springerpoo
Male Weight30 to 60 lbs.
Male Height16 to 24 inches.
Female Weight28 to 58 lbs.
Female Height14 to 22 inches.
Purpose of BreedingCompanion, Sporting
Breed SizeMedium and mini
TemperamentAffectionate, Gentle, Intelligent, Energetic, Playful,
Energy levelHigh
Barking tendencyLow
Breed GroupDesigner
Exercise requirement60 minutes
Colors- Black
- White
- Brown
- Cream
Coat typeDouble-layered thick coat
HypoallergenicMedium to low
Life span10 to 15 years
Health Issues- Valvular Heart Disease
- Sebaceous Adenitis
- Seborrhoea
Price$1000 to $2000

Quick Facts about Springerdoodle:

Common Features and Traits:

Intelligent, friendly, and loving! These are a few of the personality traits of the Springerdoodle. They are quick learners, easy to train, and perfect companions.

The Springerdoodle is an energetic and playful dog that loves to go on long walks. It loves swimming and a beach trip would be an ideal deal for them. As it is a social breed, interaction with different people would make it happy.

Although it is quite friendly towards people, early socialization is recommended as it will increase its confidence and adaptability to newer situations. 

Pros and Cons:


  • Intelligent, loyal, and ideal companion
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Various coat colors
  • Easy to train
  • Very Social
  • Longer life span
  • Excellent family dog


  • High activity requirements
  • Regular grooming
  • Separation anxiety

Unexpected temperament and energy

Since it is a designer dog, its temperament and energy requirements entirely depend on which parent it inherited the most traits from. If it gets more from Poodle parents then it may be suitable for novice owners while if it receives more from the English Springer Spaniel, then it would be difficult to handle for first-time owners.

Attention Seeker

The Springerdoodle’s favorite pastime is spending time with its family. It will adore and delight you with its amusing conduct. It will, however, want the same amount of affection and attention in return.

It will not accept being ignored, nor will it like to be left alone for an extended amount of time. The dog is very sensitive to attention, and your lack of attention and love may cause separation anxiety.

Low Barking Tendency

This dog does not bark a lot, which has both advantages and disadvantages. Its barking will not bother your neighbors, which is a good thing. On the other hand, it would be ineffective as a guard dog and watchdog.

Activity Requirements

As they are the product of the two energetic breeds with high stamina, the same is the case with the Springerdoodles. These hybrid dogs have a significant amount of energy that requires regular exercise and activities which can be accomplished by walking, fetching, and swimming.

Since it is an intelligent dog, enrichment and outdoor activities are recommended to keep it inoffensive. Moreover, provide the dog with plenty of puzzling or interactive toys inside the house. These toys will keep the dog busy when you are away from the house.

Bottom Line

The Springerdoodles are extremely lovable and playful. They have characteristics inherited from both of their parents, such as being kind, gentle, intelligent, and simple to teach. Adapting the breed will bring delight to your life.

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