9 Things to Know Before Getting a German Shepherd

If you are a dog lover, you must be familiar with the German Shepherd Dog.

Did you know that German Shepherd dogs are among the top 3 dog breeds for the last few decades?

Yes, and there are many significant reasons behind their popularity throughout the world such as intelligence, affectionate behavior, exceptional temperament, protectiveness, and many more.

If you have planned to get a German Shepherd puppy, you have just made one of the wisest decisions of your life. But like any other breed, German Shepherds do also have several needs that are needed to be addressed accordingly. Overall, Shepherd breeds are among the most popular and best working breeds.

So, if your German Shepherd puppy is going to arrive in the near future, you should know/do the following.

Things to Know Before Getting a German Shepherd

Don’t let them get bored:

Boredom is destructive. Actually, the German Shepherds are medium to high-energy dogs and they love to do a job. Due to this trait, they are widely used as service dogs, police dogs, and military dogs throughout the world.

So, before getting a German Shepherd, keep in mind that you will need to take him on regular long walks. Along with that, canine enrichment activities, agility games, exercises, and other fun activities.

If you don’t have that much time for your puppy, GSD is not for you, instead, consider getting a low-energy breed. Remember, if your dog gets bored, it will become destructive and may develop separation anxiety, excessive barking, and several other behaviors.

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Not for the first-time owner:

Despite the fact that they are smart, intelligent, and easily trainable, they are not an ideal breed for first-time owners. They need constant training and socialization from an early age which an inexperienced owner may not be able to provide them. Still, if you plan to get a GSD, it is suggested to take the help of a professional trainer so your fur baby does not develop behavioral issues.

They have smartness overloaded

German Shepherd dogs are highly smart and pick everything instantly, whether it’s the training commands or your daily routine. Along with that, they are extremely sensitive and sense your mood swings better than you. Their intelligence and sensitivity make them ideal dogs for anyone because they are always ready to please their owners.

Make sure you get the most out of their smartness and use it in a constructive way or get ready to face a spoiled dog in its adulthood.

They may be expensive

Due to their popularity, they may cost you more than expected. The German Shepherd pricing depends on several factors including gender, color, the reputation of the breeder, and the bloodline. Not only this, there are vet costs, grooming, pet supplies, vaccinations, training, food, and several other necessary items that may cost you around a grand. So, before making any decision on getting the GSD, calculate and be sure whether you can easily raise a puppy without any financial problems or not.

They need more space

It wouldn’t be an ideal breed for you if you reside in an apartment because it needs more space as compared to small breeds. Actually, they like to run and play a lot, and in a limited space, they would not be able to burn all of their energy, which later leads to destructive issues.

A bigger house with a backyard or a lawn would be an ideal place if you want to adopt a German Shepherd puppy.

Training is the Key

How do you raise a kid? You tell them what’s good and what’s bad. You train them to potty at a specific spot or in the bathroom, and you tell them who is the friend and who is not. Similarly, you need to potty-train and socialize your dog, as well as, you must tell them about their boundaries.

Even if you have trained your dog, expect some mistakes or accidents from your GSD. According to TrainYourGSD, even well-trained dogs may accidentally poop in the house unexpectedly. But you shouldn’t react aggressively, instead, try to figure out how can you get rid of this problem.

Also, make sure your training sessions are reward-based and consistent.

Expect dog hair on your furniture and clothes

GSDs are among the highest shedding breeds and if you are allergic to dog hair, it is not your dog. It sheds heavily throughout the year while the undercoat is blown completely twice a year. So, you are more likely to see your German Shepherd’s hair on your sofa, bed, carpets, and in fact, everywhere your dog is allowed.

Creates a Strong Bond

GSD develops a very strong bond with its owner and is very loyal. And if unfortunately, if it is rehomed due to any reason, it may develop serious health and mental issues. So, get a German Shepherd only if you are 100% sure that this dog is going to spend the rest of its life with you. If you are gonna rehome soon is getting married soon, don’t get a GSD. Because you may move out to a location where dogs are not allowed and your GSD may end up in a shelter.

Get a puppy from a well-reputed breeder

You may think that getting a puppy from a well-reputed breeder will cost you more but it’s worth it. Actually, if you get a puppy from an inexperienced breeder or a puppy mill, the puppy is more likely to develop genetic issues or other health-related issues in adulthood. So, before finalizing a breeder, take reviews, check their Google My Business profile, visit local review sites, and check for other important information. Read Questions you should ask a breeder.

So, these were some of the important things you should know before getting a German Shepherd puppy. If you have a bigger house, more time for your dog, and patience, you can adopt a GSD. And if unfortunately, you lack even one of these things, you shouldn’t get this dog or you may end up with a spoiled and destructive dog.

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