Belgian Shepherd – Dog Breed Profile and Fun Facts

Did you know that the Belgian Shepherd is one of the best police and military dogs? Yes, it is true, and it is being used around the world for different purposes such as police and military, search and rescue, assistance, and narcotics-sniffing tasks.

Divided into 4 different varieties, the Belgian Shepherd originated in Belgium and is said to be one of the most intelligent and energetic breeds. The Belgian Shepherds are not easy dogs and are not recommended for first-time or inexperienced owners.

Given below is the Quick Profile of Belgian Shepherd.

Belgian Shepherd Profile

NameBelgian Shepherd
Other Names- Belgian Sheepdog
- Chien de Berger Belge
Place of origin- Belgium
Lifespan10 - 14 years
Weight20 - 30 kg
Height56 - 66 cm
Colors- Full black
- Black & White
- Black with different colored textures
CoatDifferent varieties including rough, long, and short coats
Types- Groenendael
- Tervuren
- Malinois
- Laekenois
Close breeds- Briard
- Dutch Shepherd
- German Shepherd
Temperament- Highly intelligent
- Sharp-minded and sensitive
- Easy to train
- Wonderful family dog
- Perfect as a police dog
Health-related issues- Overall health is good
- Prone to
- Epilepsy
- Hip Dysplasia
- Progressive Retinal Atrophy
- Cataracts

Litter Size6 to 10 puppies
Exercise needsA combination of different exercises are recommended at least an hour a day.
Price$1500 - 2000
Popular Belgian Shepherd mixes- Afghan Sheepdog (Afghan Hound + Belgian Shepherd)
- Native American Shepherd (Native American Indian Dog + Belgian Shepherd)

5 Quick Facts about Belgian Shepherds

Belgian Shepherds are chasers

By nature, the Belgian Shepherds are chasers and they couldn’t resist if they get a chance to chase bicyclists, cars, joggers, and even other animals. So, either they should be on a leash or in a fenced yard to avoid a disaster.

High exercise needs

Because they are highly energetic, they need at least one hour of exercise daily to kill their energy. And yes, the variety of exercise is a must because they are intelligent too, and the same exercises may be boring for them. If not dealt with smartly, the Belgian Shepherds may find other ways to entertain themselves which may be expensive for you.

Excellent Guardian

Whether you need a guardian for your family or a watchdog for your home, the Belgian Shepherd is an ideal choice for you. He is highly alert and his observation skills are exceptional. If trained by an expert owner, the Belgian Shepherd can become the best protector for its owners.

Multiple talents

The Belgian Malinois, which is a sub-breed of the Belgian Shepherd, was originally bred for herding purposes but later, it worked in different high-profile departments such as police and navy. Interestingly, they also served in World War I as assistants to the Red Cross. And guess what, they are the best at skydiving.

Difference between 4 sub-breeds or varieties

There is no special difference among the 4 varieties of the Belgian Shepherds. Their body structure is the same and the only difference that differentiates them from others is their coat length and color.

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