15 Indian Dog Breeds You Must Know About

Several Indian dog breeds are quite popular within the country such as the Indian Spitz, Bully Dog, and Kanni. When talking about Indian dog breeds, we can say that there are over 10 breeds that originated in India. Some are fast and good at hunting, while others are big and strong, helping to guard places.

We are going to learn about these dogs in this article. Whether it’s the loyal dogs in the Himalayas or the quick ones in the southern plains, each dog has a role and a story that adds to India’s dog history.

Let’s explore the Indian dog breeds below.

15 Indian Dog Breeds You Must Know About

Bully Kutta:


Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Bully Kutta, which is also known as Indian Bully Dog and Pakistani Bully Dog is a working dog that belongs to India and Pakistan. It is also known as the Indian Mastiff or Indian Bully. It is highly intelligent, energetic, responsive, and an ideal pet if trained well. The Bully Kutta is mostly used for guarding and hunting, but unfortunately, it has also been used for illegal dog fighting in many areas of India and Pakistan such as Gurguram, Delhi, inner Pakistani Punjab, and many others.

Apart from the fact that it is used for illegal fighting, Bully Kutta is a true macho man and a wonderful dog.

Indian Spitz:

indian dog breeds

Image credit: Utkarshsingh.1992 on Wikimedia Commons

The Indian Spitz, which is said to be a cousin of the Pomeranian dog, is a friendly dog that was one of the most popular dog breeds in India in the 1980s and 1990s. Also known as the Indian Pomeranian, it is an intelligent breed that can analyze human intentions very well.

The Indian Spitz can easily be adjusted in any environment and do well with all types of owners. It is highly energetic so daily walks are highly recommended. Interestingly, the Indian Spitz comes in 2 versions: a smaller version that weighs up to 15 pounds while the bigger one weighs up to 44 pounds.


chippiparai dog

The Chippiparai is a distinctive breed of sighthound originating from the Tamil Nadu region in India. Known for their athletic and slender physique, these dogs exhibit remarkable speed and agility, characteristics that make them excellent hunters.

Historically, Chippiparai dogs were utilized for hunting purposes, particularly in pursuing deer and wild boar in the southern parts of India. With a short and smooth coat that comes in various colors, such as fawn, black, and brindle, the Chippiparai requires minimal grooming but benefits from regular exercise to maintain its well-being.

As an adaptable breed, Chippiparai dogs thrive in environments with sufficient space for exercise, making them suitable companions for families willing to provide the necessary care and attention to their unique needs.


pandikona indian dog breeds

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Pandikona is yet another name in the list of Indian dog breeds was originated in Panidkona village, Andhra Pradesh. Like Chihuahua, the Pandikona dog is also named after the place where it was found. It is very rare and usually not found outside Pandikona. Also, they have not much interacted with humans and they prefer to remain within their territory along with other dogs.

Unfortunately, this medium-sized sighthound is not recognized as a standard breed and is more likely to go extinct soon.

Vanjari Hound:

vanjari hound indian dog breeds

Image from Wikimedia Commons

The Vanjari Hound is usually used for hunting and guarding, as well as, herding. Also known as a Banjari Greyhound and Aseel, it is used as a sighthound in hunting by the Vanjari community in the Maharashtra state of India.

The Vanjari Hound is at risk of interbreeding with other breeds. Some of the Vanjari Hounds can also be found in Rajasthan. This hairless dog is on the verge of extinction and may disappear soon.

Indian Pariah Dog:

indian pariah dog breed

Image credit: Ryan.virgo at English Wikipedia

Also known as Desi Kutta, Desi Dog, and South Asian Pariah Dog, it is said to be one of the oldest dogs that was domesticated by humans and its archaeological evidence dates back to 15,000 BC. This medium-sized dog with a double coat can be found in India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

The Indian Pariah dog is very intelligent and alert, which is why it can become an ideal police dog. It can evolve with nature and transform itself with the environment. With fewer health concerns, the Pariah dog can be a perfect pet dog if trained and socialized well at an early age. Currently, it is one of the most popular Indian dog breeds.

Gull Dong:

gull dong

The image is taken from Medium.com

Gull Dong is, in fact, a mixture of Bully Kutta and Bull Terrier. Also known as an Indian Bulldog (in India) or Pakistani Bulldog (in Pakistan), this breed is found in India and Pakistan, and unfortunately, used for illegal dog fighting in both countries. Apart from that, it is an ideal breed for guarding and hunting.

If trained and raised by an expert owner, it does well as a domestic dog too. It is strong and muscular but affectionate and loving towards its family. The Gull Dong can hardly be found outside Pakistan and India.

Vikhan Sheepdog:


The image is taken from Pinterest

Vikhan Sheepdog or Vikhan Shepherd is a livestock guardian dog that originates in Himachal Pradesh, India, and Chitral, Pakistan. It is not only an ideal guard dog but is capable of hunting leopards. Ifastnd fast dog that can outclass many other breeds when it comes to running.

Because of its association with Chitral, which is a city in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Pakistan, this fearless dog is also known as a Chitral Watchdog.


kanni dog indian dog breeds

This image is taken from Wikimedia Commons

The Kanni is a South Indian dog breed, mostly found in Tamil Nadu, and is classified as a sighthound. Popular as the Maiden’s Beastmaster in the region, the local landlords used Kanni for hunting purposes while currently it is used for coursing games. It is a loyal, intelligent, and highly trainable dog. Moreover, it is a territorial dog and prefers to work independently. When comes to hunting, Kanni is an ideal dog breed to hunt rodents, hares, and deer.

This medium-sized dog comes in several colors with a semi-curved tail. Kanni is a shy and faithful dog that can become an excellent pet dog if trained well at an early age and will always be alert if he finds any threat to its family.

Bakharwal Dog:

Bakharwal dog

Image credit: https://www.facebook.com/Bakharwal

Like many other dog breeds, the Bakharwal dog is only found in India and Pakistan. It is a working dog and has been used as a livestock guardian dog for many centuries.

Also known as a Kashmiri Mastiff, Gujjar Watchdog, and Bakarwali Shepherd Dog, it originated in Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. It is one of the oldest Indian dog breeds and is said to be a mixture of the Indian Pariah dog and Tibetan Mastiff.

Currently, in Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir, it is used to protect farms, guard sheep, and capture militants.

Mahratta Greyhound:

mahratta greyhound indian dog breed

Image credit: WagWalking

The Mahratta Greyhound is a rare dog breed that is found in the Maharashtra state of India and is not very popular outside the state. It is a lightning-fast and energetic dog and is used as a sighthound. It is believed to be a descendant of the Saluki dog.

With a strong back, deep chest, and well-muscled body, the Mahratta Greyhound is an ideal dog breed for hunting. By nature, it is an independent and happy dog. Unfortunately, this intelligent and smart breed is not recognized by any major kennel club in India.


jonangi dog breed of india

The image is taken from Wikimedia Commons

The jonangi is another Indian dog breed on the list. Also known as Kolleti Jagilam, it is found in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka. It is usually used for hunting and herding but unfortunately, it is not recognized by any Kennel club in India.

The Jonangi dog is capable of digging ditches and then staying in them. Although this breed is on the verge of extinction, some major asil breeders are trying to revive this breed. Currently, Jonangi is one of the 13 endangered Indian dog breeds.


Rajapalayam dog from India

The image is taken from Wikimedia Commons

The Rajapalayam dog or the Poligar Hound is a sighthound dog that is among some of the breeds that are recognized by the Kennel Club of India. With golden eyes, pink nose, and milk-white color, this large-sized breed is unbelievably adorable. Interestingly, the Rajapalayam dog was featured on postage stamps in India in 2005.

This dog is used for hunting purposes and is an excellent boar hunter. It is a graceful dog with beautiful looks. The Kennel Club of India has launched the “Save the Rajapalayam Project” to save this dog from extinction.

Rampur Greyhound:

rampur greyhound indian dogs

The Rampur Greyhound or Northern Indian Greyhound belongs to the Rampur region which is situated in Northern India. Indian Maharajas used Rampur Greyhounds to hunt lions, leopards, panthers, and tigers, as well as, to hunt jackals.

The Rampur Greyhound is a great runner and can cover long distances very quickly. It is one of the 4 Indian breeds that were featured on commemorative postage stamps in 2005.

With a thin and long tail, long snout, tall legs, and narrow torso, they have an ideal athletic body. They are a shy but loyal breed and do well with children. The Rampur Greyhounds are highly energetic and need daily exercise to maintain their general and mental health.

Kumaon Mastiff:

kumaon mastiff indian dog breeds

Image credit: petsworld.in

Also known as Cypro Kukur, the Kumaon Mastiff is a rare and endangered dog breed originating in Kumaon, in the Uttrakhand state of India. This aggressive dog breed is on the verge of extinction and there are about 200 individual dogs of this breed left in India. Fortunately, they were introduced in Italy and Finland by the breeders in the 19th century and there may be a greater population of Kumaon Mastiffs in both European countries.

They are large-sized dogs and are similar to the Great Danes. Their strong neck, muscular body, and powerful head make them very strong dogs. They are aggressive and not an ideal breed for inexperienced or first-time owners but if trained and socialized at an early age, they can become gentle and affectionate dogs.

Wrapping up:

So, these were the 15 dog breeds originating in India and that’s not all. We guess there are some more breeds and we are going to add them soon. If you know any Indian dog breed that is not added to this article, just let us know and we’ll add that breed too.

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