Top 10 Most Popular Designer Dog Breeds in 2023

Did you know that most of the purebred dog breeds of today are a mixture of several dog breeds? Yes, it’s true. For example, the Beagle was developed by mixing several breeds such as Harrier, North Country Beagle, Talbot Hound, and Southern Hound. It means that breeders and experts have been crossbreeding dogs intentionally for ages to develop healthier breeds with mixed traits.

Nowadays, crossbreeding has become very common. Apart from the fact that most people oppose the cross-breeding of dogs, these crossbred dogs or designer dogs are in high demand such as a Mini Bernedoodle (Bernese Mountain Dog + Poodle) that may cost you more than $6000.

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After looking closely at these crossbred dogs, we can assume that most of them may be considered purebred dogs after the 6th or 7th generation (it is just an assumption though).

Anyways, we wanted to list the top 10 designer dog breeds or hybrid breeds. So, without further ado let’s find out the top 10 and the most demanding designer dog breeds in 2023.

Top 10 Designer Dog Breeds


Pomsky pros and cons

All the dog breeds gained popularity after their birth but Pomsky topped the charts before its first-ever intentional or unintentional breeding. It is a cross between the small-sized Perky Pomeranian and the graceful Siberian Husky. Tressa Peterson and Joline Phillips crossbred Pomeranian and Husky to develop Pomsky in 2010.

With a soft double-layered coat, furry tail, small paws, and almond-shaped eyes, Pomsky is one of the most adorable dogs. Not only the appearance, but this dog also has a wonderful personality. The best thing about having a Pomsky is that you can have this dog even if you live in a small apartment. A Pomsky puppy may cost you between $1000-$5000 as the price vary on several factors.

One thing to remember is that this breed was developed just in 2010, you won’t find many facts and figures about it.


Chiweenie dog

Image credit: Teresa Stanton via Flickr

Chiweenie is yet another designer dog that has grabbed people’s hearts. It is a Chihuahua Dachshund mix that inherits the expressive eyes of a Chihuahua and the sausage-like body of the Dachshund. This small-sized dog is best for owners that live in small apartments.

It is an easy-maintenance dog but has a high level of energy. It is a cuddly dog that loves to spend most of its time on the owner’s lap. The Chiweenie dog has short legs, a long body, erect ears, and a high-pitched voice, which means it can become an ideal watchdog.

Chiweenie suits everyone, from a single person living alone to a small-sized family with children.


bernedoodle designer dog

Image credit: Christopher.Michel via Flickr

Bernedoodle dog was developed in 2003 and is one of those breeds that are on the verge of maturity. Many expert breeders have been working dedicatedly to create a healthy breed and fortunately, they are succeeding in it. This intelligent and hypoallergenic dog is a Poodle Bernese cross and it comes in several types and generations.

It is an intelligent, loyal, playful, and fun-loving dog that has outclassed many purebred dogs in terms of popularity. Their long hair, button eyes, bushy tail, and cute looks can easily grab your heart.

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cavapoo cavoodle designer dog

Image credit: GRVO TV via Flickr

Cavoodle or Cavapoo is said to be one of the oldest designer dogs that were first developed in the 1950s. It is a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle. It has a low-shedding coat, a round face, and beautiful eyes. Cavoodle dog is in high demand in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

It inherits intelligence and temperament from Poodles making it an ideal breed for everyone including children, strangers, and other canine and non-canine pets. Like any other dog breed, they do have several pros and cons, but one of the most important Cavoodle cons is that they are heat-sensitive, and if you live in a warm area, consider not getting a Cavoodle puppy.

Maltipoo or Moodle dog

maltipoo moodle dog

Image credit: bridgetds via Flickr

Maltipoo or Moodle dog is a small-sized designer dog that comes with an extremely soft coat. It is a cross between Maltese and Poodle and is one of the most popular mixed breeds. It has small round button eyes, a hooked tail, triangular muzzles, and a small tongue that is mostly out of its mouth.

Maltipoo is a surprising breed. It’s silly, it’s goofy, it’s witty, and in short, it’s a clown. This friendly breed is not recommended as a guard dog because it will end up making friends with unwanted and unexpected humans.

If you are looking for a therapy dog for your loved ones or yourself, Moodle can take this job in the best manner.


morkie dog breed

Image credit: natala007 via Flickr

Morkie is yet another Maltese cross and it’s one of the most adorable-faced dogs you’ll ever find. It is a Maltese Yorkshire Terrier mix with a low-shedding coat.

It is a low-activity dog that is suitable for busy owners because it won’t need much exercise. Along with that, it can quickly adapt to any type of home. It is an ideal breed for ladies who like to carry their furbabies along with them.

Before getting a Morkie, remember one thing, they are excessive barkers and tend to bark all the time. This expensive dog makes the best lap dog and won’t disappoint you.


goldendoodle groodle dog breed

Image credit: giustina_ilyusha via Flickr

Goldendoodle (known as Groodle in Australia) is yet another Doodle that comes with the best traits of its parent breeds; Poodle and Golden Retriever. It was first bred by Monica Dickens who was the great-granddaughter of Charles Dickens.

Goldendoodle is a friendly and loving breed with a low-shedding coat that makes it an excellent family dog, especially for those families which are allergic to dog dander and hair. It comes in several sizes and colors.

The Goldendoodle dog is highly social, easy to train, and the best couch dog that will always be ready to accompany you wherever you are. An interesting fact about Goldendoodles is that they are known as “Bomb Proof” because of their exceptional temperament and the ability to remain calm.


cavachon dog

Image credit: jayfredem via Flickr

Cavachon is a big surprise in a small package. This small-sized designer dog has an inspiring personality. It is a cross between Bichon Frise and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Gleneden Kennels of Virginia claims that they bred Cavachon in 1996, we can’t confirm it though.

Both of its parent breeds are small-sized dog breeds; so you won’t be witnessing any large-sized Cavachon. Cavachon is a fun-loving and friendly dog that makes the best family dog.

They do well with other pets and children and can adapt well to any home. They are among the low-shedding breeds and are considered an easily-trainable breed.


labradoodle dog

Image credit: GRVO TV via Flickr

What does it look like when the best breed of the world gets crossed with the second most intelligent breed? We are talking about Labradoodle which is a cross between the world’s most popular dog; Labrador Retriever, and the second-most intelligent dog; Poodle.

We can easily rank a Labradoodle in the top 5 Doodle dogs because of its popularity. Apart from its popularity, it is an amazing dog. They are high-energy dogs and you may need to take them for walks and exercises regularly.

Labradoodle is equally popular in the US and Australia and you may now witness another version of the Labradoodle, which is an Australian Labradoodle (a mix of 3 or more different breeds) while the original Labradoodle is now called the Australian Cobberdog in Australia.


Cockapoo dog breed

Image credit: Cindy Devin via Flickr

A Cockapoo dog (known as Spoodle in Australia) is just like a Teddy Bear that is surprisingly furry and has cuteness overloaded. It is a cross between Poodle and Cocker Spaniel. Interestingly, the Cocker Spaniel and Cockapoo both, are among the breeds whose prices have almost doubled in the 2020 lockdown because of high demands. They are intelligent, friendly, loving, and entertaining if you need an entertainer for your family, a Cockapoo is the best match for you.

Cockapoo is a very much similar breed to the Cavoodle because both breeds are a cross between Poodle and a Spaniel breed (different Spaniel breeds though). And like most Doodle breeds, Cockapoos have three different sizes from Mini to Standard.

Wrapping it Up:

So, these were the top 10 designer or hybrid dog breeds for 2023. If you are planning to get one of them as your next family pet, make sure you do your homework before getting one. And whatever dog you get, raise it like a real human baby because they need to be raised with love and dedication.

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