How to Take Care of Dogs – A Quick Guide

Can you resist the feeling of cuddling up with the fluffy ears passing by your side? No one can, dogs are the adorable creatures of Almighty, sent on earth, to let humans know about love, generosity, and of course, humanity.

The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.

Having a dog in the home is just like having a newborn who becomes everyone’s apple of the eye within no time. However, this new addition to the family wants more than just cuddling up, loving, and playing. The loveliest creature needs you more than other members of the family as it has no tongue to tell you about what he/she requires, desires, or needs. Therefore, you need to go a little better-involved with fluffy pets to understand what they are craving at a certain time.

How to take care of Dogs?

Here are some basic yet necessaries tips to tell you, how can you love your dog’s more:

Keep Your Pup Smelling Good – Cleaning:

dog bathe

Image credit: groomingbyshelley via Flickr

Canines are the most cleaned breeds of animals ever found. They hate bad smell popping out of their bodies. However, as they don’t have tongues and language to tell you about the things disturbing them, they start behaving differently or let me say odd.


Your dog’s odd behavior can be because of an uncleaned poo and pee session or a speck of dirt in his fleecy ears. They would start climbing on the sofas, on bedsheets, and will dirt up the whole furniture. As you are new with the pet so you don’t know the reason behind it is the uncleanliness. He is maybe searching for a cleaner place to stay.


What you have to do in this regard is to keep your dog clean and smelling good. For this, you will have to perform regular cleaning of the body including tail pocket. Tail pocket is a small wrinkled place under the tail of the dog, often remain unattended while cleaning but brings out infectious problems for the little pet and the whole family.


  • Make sure to find and study your dog’s breed before making a bathing schedule as it varies in different breeds from one week to three months.
  • Make sure to use proper dog shampoo instead of cleaning them with anything that comes in hand as it can disturb the fluff of your dog’s hair.
  • Make sure to use proper dog cleaning tools for perfect bathing.
  • Don’t forget about ears, nose, mouth, and tail pocket while cleaning.
  • Don’t forget to dry your pup after each rinsing session.
  • Let your dog jump, wang tails, and shake its body – he is trying to dry himself up.

And yes, don’t forget to feed little pup with its favorite food after cleaning because he’ll remember it and won’t give you a tough time whenever it’s bathing time.

Make Your Dog Apple of the Eye – Grooming:

dog grooming

Image credit: insidethemagic via Flickr

As a novice lover of dog, you may feel it a little weird but pooches love looking good and taking complements. Have you seen celebrity pets? They are taken to professionals for haircuts and designers design their cloth. They have a charming royal attitude just because of their brought-up.


A groomed pet is usually the most well-behaved pet on earth. Adult canines and small pooches are all like homo sapiens babies. If you don’t put enough time to comb your dog hair as well as giving him clothing to wear, your dog can feel neglected. Also, your dog may not be able to get the love he deserves while walking beside you.


Dog grooming requires way more attention than human grooming because you have very little things to experiment with the looks. Such as your dog’s fur is the only thing you will have to cut, trim, and style. However, still, you can do wonders with it. Try to trim your dog hairs on an on-and-off basis while bush the fur regularly. Also, add accessories such as a funky collar with a bell that rings when your pet plays.


  • You can trim your pet hair by yourself however make sure that he remains fixed on the position to not to catch any wound by the scissor scratch.
  • You will also have to give your pet training for grooming so that he remains still and let you do the job.
  • Try to use proper tools-made for- pets.
  • Cut his nails regularly
  • Use fur-cleaning-gloves to drive off excessive torn hair on the body of your pet.
  • Groom your pet with pins, catchers, gels, bands, and everything he likes.

Make Him Part of Your Family – Canine Cupboard:

Dog apparel

Image credit: istolethetv via Flickr

Dogs are more humane than humans but it takes time for both of you to understand each other and build chemistry. As a novice person to a dog, you need to make that little tail-wager wagging his tail more. When a dog wags his tail every time, he sees you, he is taking you as a home.


Dogs are sensitive creatures and take you as parents once you adopt them. If you have other people in the home, he wants to get involved in everything just like them. He would consider kids as their siblings and guests as his friends. If you will not make him part of your home, it will disturb his personality and raise issues related to behavior. If you don’t want that, welcome him in the family will all your heart.


The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.

So, your love and affection are going to make him feel part of the family. As everybody in the home has their cupboards, you should set the cupboard for your pooches as well. It will help in dog understanding his place in the premises, adjusting better in the home, and of course, keeps his stuff in order so you don’t have to find everything from your cupboard to get the things done.

Make sure to buy exclusive dog essentials that your pet would love to use. This Christmas a cupboard filled with dog essentials is going to be the perfect gift for your dog.


  • Try to find a kit with dog essentials that he can use on a daily basis such as shoes, hats, and collars
  • Don’t forget to keep some room for outdoor accessories like raincoats, backpacks, and water bottles.
  • Also, add some toys in the cupboard like balls.
  • Keep some room for costumes such as Wigs for Dogs.
  • Buy all the stuff from a reliable store with a hundred percent customer satisfaction rate.
  • Give a good name to your pet.

Understanding your dog’s feeling – Communication:

dog hand shake

Image credit: luckyno3 via Flickr

Communication is the most necessary thing when it comes to taking care of the dogs however, this thing is ignored most of the time. Moreover, it is considered quite hard to understand how your dog feels but it is not as alien as considered. Mothers are best in understanding the needs and essentials for their infants, the same rule applies to the dog.


Understanding your dog’s feelings is necessary because it plays a vital role in building his personality. Dog trainers can make dogs, doing anything but how? well, this is because they are able to communicate with these loving buddies. If you know how to talk to a dog, you don’t need to send him to any pet grooming school.


Though pets don’t use language to communicate, they are communicating with you on a continuous basis. They communicate, speak, or tell you about their feelings with gestures and emotions. We all know that when a dog wags his tail, he feels happy and comfortable. So, you see, it is not that difficult. If you read some dog behavioral guides, you can synopsis your dogs’ feelings.


  • Do not ignore your dog’s gestures when you truly understand as dogs can do strange behave during different seasons.
  • Keep a good observation of your dog behavior when trying to communicate.
  • Do not misjudge your dog’s conduct, it can be the reason for some serious health issues.
  • Do not believe what you find on the internet without confirming authenticity.

Understanding Biological Requirements – Vet-Check:

dog with vet

Image credit: EX22218 – ON/OFF via Flickr

Last but not least, you will take good care of your dogs and will perform regular vet check-ups. A vet is the animal specialist doctor who is able to understand all the health signs and biological requirements of your pet.


As a novice pet owner, you will have no idea about the biological needs of the canines. For example, you don’t know when your dog has reached the age of an adult and requires intercourse. Though your dog will show certain signs, they are hard to understand usually for the pet owners.


You will have to book appointments with the health specialists and take your dog there. Your pet may don’t feel good while going to a veterinary however by crimping him with some treat, you can do the chaos. Also, if the vets are friendly enough, your pet would don’t mind visiting them.


  • Make sure to take your pets only to professionals of the breed.
  • Do not miss pet visits.
  • If your pet doesn’t feel good with some professional, change the vet not pet behavior.
  • Perform your dog’s cross in time.

Bottom Line:

This is all about taking good care of your dogs. Now, you are the owner of the pet, you maybe feel so nagged and irritated by your dog and his care sometimes. However, once you will get used to the routine, you will feel it the most loving thing to do on earth.

Love your dog like your saying goodbye. 😉

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