Labrador Retriever Dog Breed Info

Super cute and super friendly, America’s favorite dog, the Labrador Retriever is undoubtedly the best family dog on the planet. This Hazel-eyed and cookie-colored furbaby Labrador retriever is fondly called a Lab. This particular breed is everyone’s absolute favorite because who could resist the charm of this adorable pup.

A dog that is both intelligent, kind, and perhaps the most well-mannered house pet. Everyone from former American President Bill Clinton to England’s future king, Prince Harry owns and adores the Labrador. The Labs make excellent guide dogs for the blind and therapy dogs for the sad, they are God’s gift to mankind.


These lovely pooches trace their origins to nineteenth-century Canada. As the name ‘Retriever’ already suggests, these pups were originally bred to help fishermen retrieve their catch from the sea. However that is not all, they even helped hunters catch small animals. So basically, this dog was bred to help people and today it continues to do so by making people happy with its playful antics and loving nature.

Initially, the Labrador was confused with the Newfoundland breed but now the Lab has a reputation and popularity of its own that is impossible to beat. The Lab is in-fact the first dog to ever appear on the cover of Life Magazine all way back in 1938.


The Labs are known for their resilient and reliable nature as well as their distinct physical features. So, here is a list of physical attributes that make these pooches cuter than any other dog around.

  • Broad back skulls and powerful jaws
  • Cute small floppy ears and long muzzle
  • The labs have short and dense weather-resistant coats found in three colors, black, yellow, and chocolate brown
  • The Labs have webbed feet and otter-like tails that help these pooches to effortlessly swim around
  • Dreamy almond-shaped hazel eyes, sometimes even bright blue like the ocean
  • Sturdy medium-sized with short legs but an overall strong athletic appearance
  • Grow up to be as tall as 24 inches
  • Weigh between 55 to 85 pounds on average
  • The average Lab has a life expectancy of 14 years 


The Labrador is a warm, friendly, and very attentive dog. The Lab is basically the best friend we all need in our lives. They are sweet-natured, eager to please, and full of energy pooches. They are also extremely loyal creatures who would do just about anything to make their owners laugh.

Unlike most dogs, they show eagerness to learn new tricks and commands as they socialize with humans. Labs love to play and be naughty around the house but they don’t mean any harm. They are cheerful creatures that like keeping things fun and interesting.

Due to their excellent nature, Labs are trained as therapy dogs so that they can spread smiles around people who are going through difficult times in their lives. The Lab’s reliable and responsible natures also make them good guide dogs for the elderly and blind. These pups really have a huge personality and an even bigger heart so no wonder they have been America’s most popular breed for 28 years.

Due to their wonderful traits, they have been crossbred with Poodle to form Labradoodle which is one of the most popular designer dogs nowadays.

Living with the Labrador

Despite its size and history as a working dog, the Lab is an indoor pup. You can fit these pooches in your houses or flats and they will adapt to your lifestyle. The Lab really loves humans, which makes it the ideal family pet. They even enjoy guests and greet strangers with love and kisses.

Sometimes the Labs can get over-affectionate as well but give them a chewy toy and they’ll stop for a while. Unlike some dogs, keeping a lab is quite cheap as the breed does not have a lot of grooming needs. It sheds just twice a year and only requires to be groomed once a week.

Sometimes the Labs become overweight which is why owners must walk and exercise them as well as occasionally take them to a beach. Due to their hunting nature, the lab loves to swim and play in the water. Like all dogs, Labs require a lot of love and attention so if you decide to adopt one be sure not to abandon it.

Dietary Needs

These pups are very active and energetic which is why they require a healthy balanced diet. You can feed your Labradors real meat like chicken or beef and raw vegetables like spinach and broccoli. This isn’t all, you can even give your lab some cheese and eggs or the usual dog food. Since the Labs have a tendency to become obese, owners are recommended to work out fixed food timings and quantities to avoid over-feeding.

Health concerns

For the most part, the Labrador retriever is a fairly healthy breed but even then there are health problems that your Lab can develop. So let us tell you about what health issues you should expect.

Labs are so keen on pleasing their owners that they can overwork themselves and collapse. So it is best to take water and food breaks when playing with these pups. Apart from this Labs are prone to developing knee as well as eye problems so make sure you take them to a vet if you notice anything unusual.

Final Cut

If you are thinking of getting a Labrador Retriever then go get one already. Labs aren’t just cute and playful, they are also extremely empathetic creatures that can sense when their owners are sad. They are especially kind and loving towards children and can be the friend they need growing up.

There isn’t any downside to owning a Lab so go adopt one right now or better yet rescue one. There are a lot of abandoned pooches looking for a loving home.

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