How to Take Care of Your Pets During Lockdown

Most countries and cities shut down, people are staying at their houses learning how to properly clean their hands to avoid getting sick. Vaccines have been developed and people are getting vaccinated to stay healthy. Still, it is getting longer than ever to completely eliminate COVID. However, we are not alone in this fight, our pets may be our biggest comrades, the source of laughter and love in these lockdown days.

On the other hand, they can be the source of concern too. The questions arise: How will they overcome this new situation? Can they get sick too? How will they enjoy their age-old rituals? This pandemic state may change many of our life habits, including those with our dearest four-legged pets. It is important to pay special attention to them in the coming period so that we can all stay healthy, happy, and peaceful.

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Taking care of your dogs

According to WHO, there is no evidence that dogs can transmit coronavirus to their owners, however, this still does not diminish the need for increased hygiene. One of the biggest challenges to overcome is maintaining pet hygiene and fulfilling their physical needs.

Puppies, like humans, are known to have a difficult time changing the established habits they have acquired over the years. In light of new circumstances, veterinarians and experts advise to be creative and find solutions depending on the specific ambient and needs.

Pee and Poop During the Lockdown Period

To keep pets satisfied, it is important to simulate natural conditions in the flat or on terraces – putting some sandbags, shrubs and grass can fool their pets to think that they are outside – and encourage them to pee and poop. This will be easier to do with small dogs, but large dog owners are advised not to give up and persist in new “upbringing” measures.

Also, owners must imitate going outside as much as possible – dressing, taking leashes and necklaces along with the famous “go out”. Postponing their needs can have consequences for the health of dogs – from urinary tract inflammation to gastrointestinal problems – so animals must get used to new conditions as soon as possible.

As dogs’ physical activity decreases, it is important to adjust their diet as well – to reduce the amount of food, make sure they eat at the right time (first meal to be early in the morning), and avoid treats that may irritate them. Water is a necessary part of their daily routine, but it should not be overstated.

A bowl of fresh water must always be available for them that will refresh them when needed, but not load their urinary tract. Lack of physical activity can be stressful for them, but some games can be practiced at home – throwing balls, active toys, or simply jumping exercise.

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What to do If Walks are Necessary?

If you dare to go for walks, they should be as short as possible and it is suggested to avoid hanging out with other dogs and owners. Remember to disinfect their paws with alcohol or other disinfectants after each walk. As for hair hygiene – it is enough to moisturize it with a sprayer. But do not overdo it as it can further irritate their skin.

Also, don’t forget to use this time to teach your puppy new tricks or commands. We are sure that he or she will be grateful. This is a period when you can spend plenty of time with your dog – and let these be the only memories of these crazy times we are living.

Cats need attention too

cat lockdown

Credit: Ona Waffle Flickr

Vets recommend that cat owners should pay extra attention to their cats during the pandemic. It’s suggested that cats stay at home and enjoy indoor games. If a cat still finds her way to sneak out of the house, you should clean her paws once she is home again. You can also spray some disinfection on her fur but try not to overdo it; otherwise, it can cause irritation to her skin. Avoid unnecessary contact with cats like hugging or allowing them to lick your face.

Luckily, unlike dogs, cats will not have a problem with pooping and urinating around the house. It’s important to change her litter occasionally to keep her clean and fresh.

How to Keep Your Cat Engaged During the Lockdown?

Entertain your cat by playing the “hidden treasure’’ game where you hide her favorite toys and let her explore around the house. This can be fun for both of you.

Sometimes, during a long period of isolation, a pet can show unusual behavior. If something like this happens, be sure to call the vet by phone and ask for advice. Treat your pet as a family member in all situations, especially during a crisis, such as the one we face. Think of mutual security, for all of your future beautiful days that will be spent together.

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