Are Corgis Hypoallergenic? [Answered in Detail]

Are you in love with Corgis and planning to get one but cannot decide whether it’s a hypoallergenic dog or not? Well, keep reading this quick post to know more about Corgi’s coat.

To know whether Corgi is hypoallergenic or not, first, we need to understand some facts about Corgis and their coat. So let’s start with a quick and short review

What was the purpose of breeding a Pembroke Welsh Corgi?

This active and intelligent dog was initially bred to herd cattle, sheep, and horses. It is known as a “heeler” because it herds cattle by nipping at their heels. Along with that, it is a very good family dog and people enjoy its company. It is known as one of the funniest dogs in the world.

Corgis are now considered one of the best family dogs. They were not much popular until Queen Elizabeth II showed interest in them and adopted various Corgi dogs.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Varieties:

Welsh Corgi has two varieties i.e. Pembroke and Cardigan. Both have almost the same qualities, temperaments, and physical appearance but their tails. Their tail is a unique symbol that helps us to easily differentiate between them. Pembroke usually has a docked tail in many countries such as the US and Canada while Cardigan has a long tail.

Corgi’s Coat and appearance:

Corgis are 10 to 12 inches tall while their weight varies between 26 to 30 pounds. They have a double coat, as they are bred for herding and they spent most of their time outside, especially in cold and rainy weather. So, they get benefitted from their double coat which protects them in all types of weather.

What is a double Coat?

Some breeds have double coats, and corgis are one of them. A double coat means it has two layers:

  • Layer 1 = A short and softer undercoat
  • Layer 2 = A longer and coarse topcoat

Dogs with two coats shed a lot as compared to single-coated dogs.

What is seasonal shedding? 

 Seasonal shedding or blowing coat is the process of excessive shedding of their fur in a certain season. It occurs when the season changes from winter to summer.

When the weather changes from cold to hot, dogs shed their winter undercoat and make their coat lighter for summer weather. 

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Do Corgis have shedding season? 

Corgis have a long double coat that sheds all over the year, but they also shed their coat seasonally which is very important for them. It helps them to adapt their body temperature for the new season. 

Corgis shed more than usual during the seasonal shedding cycle. Many corgi owners report that this seasonal shed happens in the spring and autumn.

What does hypoallergenic mean?

If you have any type of allergies you should always ask for hypoallergenic products or pets to avoid an allergic reaction.

Hypoallergenic refers to products that are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. There are many allergens in our nature like plants, pollens, dust mites, pet dander, and many more.

Why are some people allergic to Dogs?

Well, many people think that it’s dog fur that causes allergies but in a reality, it’s not like that. The main reason for dog allergens is protein. Dogs eat a rich amount of protein food that protein is attached to dog dander, saliva, and urine.

When a dog sheds hair, it also sheds the irregular and small dander which clings to bedding, carpet, clothes, furniture, and other house goods. That dander can easily be inhaled unintentionally, which may cause an allergic and asthmatic reaction in people.

Are Corgis hypoallergenic dogs?

Honestly, no dog breed is completely hypoallergenic. Because all dogs have dander and saliva that put up to allergies. Instead, we can say that some breeds shed a lot while other sheds less. So, we can say that those dogs having low-shedding coats can be called hypoallergenic.

But when we talk about Corgis, they have a double coat that sheds seasonally as well as formally. That is why if you are allergic to dog hair and dander, Corgi is not a suitable breed for you. Instead, you should consider getting a low-shedding dog breed such as a Poodle or Shih Tzu.

Wrapping it up

Both varieties of Corgi are not hypoallergenic as they are double-coated which helps them to improve their performance in cold and rainy weather. You can manage to reduce their shedding by proper grooming but can’t stop it.

That is why, if you are allergic to dog dander or hair, then this breed is not recommended for you.

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