My Dog Chewed a Mobile Phone – Is it Life-Threatening?

As a dog parent, you can relate to the title of this article, especially, when your dog tries to chew almost everything. It may seem harmless for the health of dogs but it may be life-threatening because you never know if they have swallowed a piece of what they have chewed. This behaviour of dogs is called destructive chewing and they chew almost everything they have access to.

When it comes to electronic appliances, mobile phones and related accessories are the easiest prey for dogs and it’s very common to find your dogs chewing mobile phone chargers, cords, batteries and other gadgets.

Such things are harmful to dogs for sure but are they life-threatening too? Let’s find out below.

Mobile Phone:

Mobile phones, smartphones and tablets are bigger and it is for sure your dog won’t be able to eat them whole. But they can chew it and possibly can inhale a small part of it. It could be a small piece of glass or a battery and it’s very dangerous. It can cause damage to the stomach and an intestinal blockage which can lead to death, if not treated timely.

In some cases, dogs have even eaten the whole mobile phone which is even deadlier and terrible.

My dog has chewed my mobile what should I do?

Do not panic and talk to your vet ASAP. If possible, take your dog to the emergency vet and get it treated before it turns into a deadly disaster. The vet will do a quick x-ray and figure out what’s inside. In extreme cases, the vet may also perform quick surgery depending on the condition and severity.

Also, if you were able to stop your dog while it was on a mission to chew your mobile, get your mobile phone checked by a mobile phone expert repairer to get it fixed.

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Mobile phone charging cable:

A mobile phone charging cable or cord is also among the easiest objects your dog may chew and they are possible choking hazards for dogs. In fact, it can be swallowed as a whole which is very dangerous and life-threatening.

If the dog has swallowed the full cord, rush to your vet ASAP or if it’s late in the night, immediately call your vet. If a part of the cord is still sticking out of your dog’s mouth don’t pull it out as it may cause even more damage to its throat or oesophagus.

If the cord is plugged into the electric socket, unplug it and cut it to avoid any electric current.

Mobile phone battery:

Although it is very unlikely nowadays because almost every mobile phone has an unremovable battery, still, you never know when the disaster strikes. So, if your dog has chewed the mobile phone’s battery or swallowed it completely, immediately contact the Animal Poison Control Center and ask for immediate action you could do. You should do the same if your dog has eaten other batteries such as remote control’s cell battery or a toy’s button battery.

Many people suggest inducing vomiting if the dog has eaten a battery but it is not recommended. The best practice is to talk to your vet or emergency vet.


It can happen to any dog at any time but it can be prevented by dog-proofing your home. Make sure none of the objects including mobile phones and accessories is easily accessible to dogs. You may also use bitter anti-chew sprays to keep your dogs from different objects including power cords and other objects.

If by any chance, your dog chews or swallows any items that could be harmful and life-threatening, contact the Animal Poison Control Center or your vet as soon as possible.

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