Sudocrem for Dogs – Safe or Not? [Answered]

If your dog has been facing sore skin, scratches, and itchiness and you are confused about whether you can use Sudocrem to treat your dog’s skin conditions or not, you are in the right place.

Sudocrem is an OTC medicated cream to treat eczema, sunburn, surface wounds, and nappy rashes in kids. But dog parents may also use them to treat several skin-related conditions in their dogs.

So, if you are planning to use Sudocrem to treat your dog’s itchiness, skin allergies, and minor wounds, keep reading this post to get rid of the confusion about Sudocrem.

There could be many home-based treatments for your dog’s itchiness, and Sudocrem is one of them. In this guide, you will specifically learn all the facts about Sudocrem. You may also consider Aveeno Lotion on your Dog.

So, without further ado, let’s begin:

What is Sudocrem?

Sudocrem is an Antiseptic Healing cream, commonly used for a baby’s nappy rash. It has been protecting the baby’s skin for almost 85 years. The formula was first invented in the United Kingdom in 1931, and it is still untouched.

Other than baby nappy rash treatment, it is widely used for many other purposes such as skin dryness, and rashes, treating acne spots, wrinkles, eczema, bedsores, cuts, burns, and scrapes.

It has so many beneficial applications for humans, but how does it affect your dog? Is it safe for dogs? Find the answer below.

Is it safe to use Sudocrem on your dog?

Although Sudocrem is not specially designed for dogs, it can benefit dogs if used appropriately. If your dog has some sort of bedsore it can heal your dog and, in fact, also smoothen your dog’s skin. All you need to do is exercise some caution while applying it on your dogs as they may lick it and the toxic ingredients in Sudocrem may cause an upset stomach.

Where to get Sudocrem?

Luckily, you can order Sudocreme via Amazon in different countries. So, check out the links below according to your country.

Check Sudocrem on Amazon (UK)

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If you are planning to get it in bulk, try the following deals.

Sudocrem Pack of 12 | Sudocrem Pack of 6 | Sudocrem Pack of 2

Hence, Sudocrem is not available in the US, you can go for a Sudocrem alternative for your dog. One of the best Sudocrem alternatives in the US is Desitin. But it’s better if you consult with your vet first.

Check Sudocrem on Amazon Canada

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Sudocrem Alternative in the US:

While there may not be an exact equivalent to Sudocrem specifically formulated for dogs in the U.S., there are several pet-safe alternatives that you can consider for various skin issues in dogs.

Vetericyn Plus Antimicrobial Hydrogel: Vetericyn is a well-known brand offering antimicrobial solutions for pets. The hydrogel can be used for wound care, skin irritations, and hot spots.

Bag Balm: Bag Balm, although originally formulated for use on cow udders, is a versatile ointment that is safe for dogs. It contains lanolin and is often used for dry or chapped skin.

Curaseb Antifungal & Antibacterial Chlorhexidine Spray: This spray is designed for dogs and cats, providing antifungal and antibacterial properties. It can be used for various skin issues, including hot spots.

Desitin: Desitin is a diaper rash cream that contains zinc oxide, and while it is formulated for human use, some pet owners may consider using it for certain skin issues in dogs.

sudocrem alternatives for dogs

How and where to apply Sudocrem?

You can apply the cream on the scratches, flea bites, paw sores, tail, legs, neck, head, back, belly, outside the ears, wrinkles, and paw cuts of your dog.

You should apply it on the clean surface of your dog’s wound. Always go for the right amount, and avoid applying at night time because you cannot supervise your dog for the whole night and your dog may lick it.

Where not to apply it? Do not apply to the eyes, mouth, nose, and inside of the ears of your dog.

Ingredients of Sudocrem:

Before applying the Sudocrem you should check the ingredients label because there may be a specific ingredient that your dog may be allergic to.

BTW, the most common ingredients are:

Zinc Oxide:

Almost every cream has this ingredient, it may be toxic in larger quantities but Sudocrem has it in the proper quantity which is why it is okay to use on your dog. However, make sure you are applying this in a small amount and it is your responsibility to keep an eye out that your dog did not lick it.


Lanoline is a lubricant that is yielded from the sheep’s greasy glands. It has various uses but is mostly used in cosmetics and medicines. It contains a rich amount of fat that makes the skin smooth and shiny.

Moreover, it is an ideal ingredient for rough skin, it remits the itching and scrapping of the skin.

Benzyl Alcohol:

Benzyl Alcohol is a natural substance with less toxicity, found in many skin products. Generally, it is treated as a cleansing agent.

It is safe until used in the right way and added in the proper amount to any product.

Benzyl Cinnamate:

It is a fragrance element that is extensively added to creams and other cosmetic products for fragrance purposes only. It is used in hair colors, soaps, creams, and many other skincare products.

Zinc Oxide Toxicosis:

The main substance of Sudocrem is Zinc Oxide Toxicosis. It is a toxic substance if consumed in a larger amount, therefore, whenever you apply Sudocrem to your beloved dog make sure it will not lick the cream. You can use a dog cone to prevent licking.

If you suspect that your dog licked the cream, first look for the signs, if your dog has eaten in large quantity take your dog right away to a professional vet.

How to know if your dog has consumed Sudocrem?

As you know Sudocrem has a few toxic substances like zinc Toxicosis that can result in minor to major problems if it goes into your dog’s stomach. Below are some conditions that can occur by eating or licking Sudocrem in a bulk portion.

  • Vomiting
  • Your dog will feel so tired or weak
  • Diarrhea
  • Your dog may lose weight
  • Your dog may face a problem taking a breath


By viewing in a bigger image, Sudocrem is perfectly safe and ok to use on your dog’s skin, all you need to do is keep an eye on your dog while the cream is applied to its skin. Also, it is highly recommended that before taking any step first ask your veterinarian and stick to his advice.