Cavapoochon colours and Patterns – All colours explained

Planning to get a Cavapoochon puppy and wondering what colour choices you have got?

Well, dogs are all about love, affection, and companionship, and whatever colour they have, they’ll love you unconditionally for sure and hope the same from you.

Apart from that, the Cavapoochons come in many different colours and patterns. So, if you are choosy about colours, you have over a dozen colours choices.

Let’s start with a short review of the Cavpoochon dog.

Cavapoochons are small-sized adorable and cute dogs having an excellent temperament. Due to their teddy bear looks, friendly nature and hypoallergenic coat, they have become very popular in the UK, the US, Canada and Australia.

They are a mixture of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Toy Poodle and Bichon Frise. Due to the fact that they are a mixture of three different breeds, they are also called tri-hybrid dogs or triple-cross dogs.

Now, let’s explore the most common and adorable Cavapoochon colours.

How many colours have we witnessed?

There may be more colours than mentioned in this post but the most popular are chocolate, cream, Blenheim, black & white and plain black.

Standard colours in Parent Breeds

The reason behind so many colours in Cavapoochons is the variety in their parent breeds’ colours. We can find dozens of colours and patterns in Cavaliers, Poodles and Bichon Frise dogs; therefore, their puppies inherit these colours and patterns.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Standard colours: Blenheim, Black & tan, Black & White, Ruby

Other colours: Chocolate, Chocolate &  white

Poodle Standard colours: Apricot, Black, Blue, Brown, Cream, Red, Silver, Silver Beige, White, Café Au Lait, Gray

Other colours: Black & Cream, Black & Gray, Black & Red, Black & Silver, Black & White, Brown & Apricot, Brown & White, Black & Brown, Gray & White, Red & White, White & Apricot, White & Silver, Black & Tan

Bichon Frise Standard colours: White, White & Apricot, White & Buff, White & Cream

What colours do Cavapoochons come in?

Chocolate and white Cavapoochon:

The mixture of chocolate or chocolate-and-white Cavachon and white or silver Toy Poodle may result in a chocolate and white Cavapoochon. These colours could have different patterns and shades from lighter to darker.

Below is a chocolate-and-white Cavapoochon named Hugo.

Apricot Shade:

The combination of apricot Poodle and white Cavachon usually results in the apricot Cavapoochon. Pups with this colour have a brown shade on their fur. It is the most common colour in this breed which makes it a teddy bear-like look.

Black Cavapoochons:

The mixture of white or white & cream Bichon Frise with the black Cavalier King Charles Spaniel results in a full black or black spotted Cavachon. And when this Cavachon is crossbred with a black Toy Poodle, you are more likely to get a black Cavapoochon. Black Cavapoochon has an entirely black coat but may also have some white or cream spots on it.

Black and White Colour:

Black and white Cavapoochons may be a result of white Cavachons and black Toy Poodles. The Black and white pups usually have an entire black coat with white spots on it.

Black & Tan Puppies:

A black & tan pup usually has a black coat with tan spots on it or it may have a complete black fur with tan paws, chest, eyebrows or muzzle. It is not possible to predict the exact pattern or shade until the breed is mature enough after several generations.

Blenheim (chestnut and white):

This coat pattern is inherited by its parent breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. If the Cavachon parent is Blenheim in colour, the chances of the same colour in the puppies are high.

Pups with this colour have dominantly light brown coats with white on the chest and face or white coats with light brown patches on the ears, face, and chest.


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Cream or Off-White:

This variety of Cavapoochon dogs have coats that resemble an off-whitish colour. It may be a mixture of cream Toy Poodle and cream Cavachon. The pups with this colour have an entire off-white coat with no other colours or patterns on it.


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Wrapping it up:

So, these were the common colours in Cavapoochon dogs and we believe that there may be some other colours. If you are really interested in getting this dog, ignore the colours because it is about love and companionship rather than the colours.