Cattle Shepherd Dog Breed Profile & Facts

Courageous, attentive, protective, and diligent- these are a few qualities that are often used to depict the traits of the Cattle Shepherd which is the mixture of Australian Cattle dog and the German Shepherd dog.

The Australian Cattle dog was originated in Australia. It was first known as Halls Heeler’s because Thomas Hall was the person who put effort to develop this breed. While the German Shepherd was developed for protecting as well as herding sheep. 

If you are looking for a quick fact guide about the Cattle Shepherd dog, keep reading this article.

Cattle Shepherd Breed Profile:

Breed NameCattle Shepherd
Weight45 to 80 lbs
Height20 to 25 inches
Purpose of BreedingGuarding and Herding
Breed SizeMedium to Large
TemperamentEnergetic, Intelligent, Loyal, Brave, Protective
Energy levelHigh
Barking tendencyHigh
Breed GroupHerding and Working
Exercise requirementUp to 120 minutes of walks and exercises
Colors- Brown
- Red
- Brindle
- Blue
- Black
Coat typeStraight or Wavy
Club RecognitionDesigner Breed Registry & Dog Registry Breed of America, Inc.
Life spanAround 10 years
Health Issues- Hip Dysplasia
- Progressive Retinal Atrophy(PRA)
Price$800 - $2000

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Quick Facts about Cattle Shepherd:

Common Features and Traits:

The Cattle Shepherd can be used for various purposes such as protecting the owner’s properties, herding livestock, and as a companion dog. It is considered a low-maintenance dog due to its grooming needs. Because of its dominating nature and big size, it may not be suitable for an inexperienced owner.

Their coat will be medium in length- either straight or wavy however it would be denser. Weekly brushing is sufficient for their coat while bathing is not necessary for them unless they get dirty or smelly.

They are pretty faithful and have fearless personalities but due to their dominant nature, these dogs are not suitable for families with kids. However, early socialization can remove this behavior and will make them gentle and lesser dominant around kids.

Pros and Cons:


  • Intelligent, protective, ideal companion
  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent herding and working skills
  • Ideal for homes with lawns
  • Fewer Health issues


  • High Activity requirements
  • Not kid-friendly
  • Not recommended for allergy sufferers

Early Socialization:

The Cattle Shepherd is the product of the two dominant and aggressive dog breeds. That is why early socialization and proper training are highly recommended for the mix. Not doing that will give you a tough time in handling this strong and stubborn dog.

Excessive Barkers:

They are excessive barkers and could also bite, however, plenty of interaction with people in their puppyhood will reduce these behaviors. You can take them to dog parks which will quite be helpful regarding this behavior.

Ideal for rural areas:

It is an energetic dog that requires plenty of hardcore activities. Without any task or job, this dog is more likely to show destructive behavior as it is a working dog. Running and herding are its favorite activities. A big farmhouse in the countryside or a home with a backyard would be ideal for this dog where it has enough space to run and burn its energy. 

Require well-balanced diet:

The Cattle Shepherd is an active dog that needs a healthy and well-balanced diet. Provide it with food that must contain the essential nutrients including protein, minerals, fats, and vitamins.

Moreover, do not overfeed because it will lead them to obesity and other serious health-related issues.

Bottom Line

It is a herding dog that was bred with the intent of being a companion to herders. The Cattle Shepherd is a medium to large size dog.

It is not recommended for the first-time and inexperienced owner. Families suffering from allergies cannot adopt this dog because of its non-hypoallergenic coat.

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