Secrets of Raising a Happy Dog Amid the Pandemic

The second year of the pandemic is getting on the nerves, as life still isn’t normal. It is stressing out people and pets alike. So don’t be surprised if you find your dog to be more lethargic than usual.

In fact, canines are struggling in more than one way because they have fewer outings, their owners are stressed, and separation anxiety is emerging as a concern as people return to work. However, you can still do your bit to raise a happy and healthy dog amid the pandemic.

So, here are some secrets revealed that are helpful in raising a happy dog amid the pandemic.

Give your pet some space

Right now, your canine companion needs some space, just like you do. Create a safe zone for it inside your home, and make sure that no one accesses it when the pet is having its alone time there. You can set up the dog crate in the guest room or under the stairs. The location should have no traffic, at least for a few hours a day, so that your canine companion can relax, unwind, and catch up on sleep away from the din.

Train the kids

If you have kids at home, training them is as vital as training the dog. Educate the children about keeping the pet happy as it is also a family member. Kids can give the animal company when it is in a good mood. But they must also understand its behavior and avoid causing trouble when the pet seems lethargic and anxious. You are the best person to calm it down and provide the reassurance it needs.

Get CBD for anxiety relief

Anxiety is the most challenging pet health issue that owners have to deal with. You can discuss the option of CBD with your veterinarian to address it. CBD is safe and natural and alleviates anxiety for a prolonged time.

The best thing about using CBD for dogs is that thousands of pet owners vouch for this natural remedy, so you need not think twice before trying it.

Opt for indoor exercise

An active dog is a happy one, but the pandemic has made it impossible to take pets out except for their routine walks. You will prefer to stay indoors and avoid outings to public parks. So, opt for indoor exercise to keep the pet moving and happy. Design an exercise routine that combines movement with fun. Involving kids is an excellent idea as you can make it a family activity but keep them supervised during these fun sessions. Your dog will get physical and mental benefits with a daily schedule for sure.

Invest time in teaching new skills

Whether you work from home or go to the workplace, you are more likely to spend more time at home because outings are limited. So, it is a good time for some hands-on training for the pet so that you can spend some quality time together. Try teaching it new cues and skills so that the dog has something interesting to do. You can even seek some tips from professional trainers with a virtual consultation.

Bottom line:

Keeping your canine companions happy, healthy, and safe during the pandemic does not have to be a big challenge. Just follow these pieces of advice, and you can have a house with happy kids and a lively pet.