WHO Confirms First Dog With Coronavirus Positive

In a piece of unfortunate news, WHO confirmed that a dog in Hong Kong has tested “weakly positive” for the Coronavirus or COVID-19.

Covid-19 has already affected over 86,000 people around the world over the last two months and killed at least 2,860 people.

The technical lead of WHO’s emergencies program Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove confirmed in a briefing that the dog has tested “weakly positive”. “Weakly Positive” is actually a low level of virus.

It is yet to be confirmed by the Hong Kong authorities whether the dog has picked up the virus from a contaminated surface or is infected from the virus.

The dog was tested positive for COVID-19 when the doctors tested it after the dog’s owner was infected with the Coronavirus. Currently, the authorities have put the dog in quarantine.

The infected dog’s owner is a 60-year-old woman who was tested positive for Coronavirus after she developed symptoms. According to Hong Kong’s Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department, the dog does not have any symptoms of Coronavirus but the dog’s nasal and oral cavities tested positive.

The Hong Kong government has decided to quarantine all the domesticated pets if their owners have tested positive for COVID-19. Because these pets may spread COVID-19 if not quarantined.

As per the scientists, the dogs and cats are not supposed to be infected by COVID-19, still, the situation is evolving.

What are Precautions for Pets if the Owner is infected with Coronavirus?

The scientists and doctors suggest that the owners should be quarantined and must NOT have any type of contact with their pets such as food-sharing, petting, snuggling, and being licked or kissed by them.

Is there any positive news regarding this?

Yes, none of the animals have been reported for any sickness or other symptoms of COVID-19. Still, you should take care of your pets and restrict their access to the neighborhood if any case is reported.

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