5 Goldendoodle Facts – Read Before You Get

Goldendoodles are popular dogs that most probably originated in the US. This dog is not only popular in the US but also in other parts of the world including Canada, the UK, and Australia.

Known as a Groodle in Australia, the Goldendoodle is famous for its excellent temperament, friendly behavior, energy, trainability, and intelligence. These dogs usually come in brown, cream, apricot, or black color but you can expect different particolored patterns. Depending on the type from Mini to Standard, the Goldendoodles may stand between 43 and 61 cm on shoulders.

A lot of families are deciding to bring these dogs into their homes because they are capable of adding companionship, good energy, and love to any home. Goldendoodles are adoptable pets that are good for families with children, as well as, for those who are alone.

So, if by the end of this article, you decide this is the best dog for you, ensure you get it from a trusted and reliable breeder like ABCs Puppy Zs and not a puppy mill.

In this quick article, you’ll find 6 must-read facts that you should know about a Goldendoodle before investing in one. Remember, you don’t get a dog every other day, so get it only when you are sure that it is the best breed for you.

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Now, let’s find out some interesting Goldendoodle facts aka Golden Poos.

Goldendoodle Facts to Know Before Getting a Puppy

Variety in Heights

There are different heights associated with Goldendoodles and each will depend on whether the dog is a Mini, Medium, or Standard which is a full-sized Goldendoodle. The typical height of this dog is 15- 22 inches from shoulder to floor and the smallest, or mini Goldendoodle, usually grows up to 15 inches tall. Standard Goldendoodles may grow up to about 22 inches.

So, before you purchase one of these pups, you need to understand the height differences to know how big will be a fully grown dog.

Athletic Breed

Goldendoodles are known to be athletic dogs that need to get a fair amount of exercise. This breed comes from the Golden Retriever and the Poodle which are both very athletic breeds and this is why exercise is non-negotiable. You can do this by taking walks, visiting the dog park, or playing fetch, and it’s important to know that this breed may develop behavioral issues if not engaged in exercise and other activities.

It’s safe to say that this is not the breed for anyone who is lazy or has no time to exercise his dogs. On the contrary, these dogs do great with naturally energetic kids.

Low shedding Coat

One of the benefits of Goldendoodles is that they have a low to non-shedding coat. This is extremely beneficial for pet lovers who experience allergies from shedding and an extra benefit is that you won’t have to worry about dog fur all over your coaches, carpets, beds, car seats, and clothing. But make sure you groom them regularly as their hair is usually stuck in their coat.

Water Lovers

These dogs are water lovers and they love swimming or beach runs with splashes in the waves. To nurture their love of water, it is recommended that you start getting them used to it in their puppyhood because this will ensure that they thrive in water as they grow.

Easy to train

Lastly, Goldendoodles are easy to train and this is one of their most notable traits. To make matters better, they love being trained as well and because they are intelligent dogs, they learn new things and commands very quickly.

If you get one of these pups, it’s advised that you let them undergo agility training which is not only a form of good exercise that will keep them in shape but will also improve endurance and strengthen the bones and joints. Additionally, agility training exercises the dog’s mind which will enable them to solve problems.

Wrapping it Up:

Goldendoodles are a great breed for many reasons and will add love and energy to your home. These dogs encompass personality and intelligence while also promoting health in owners.

They’re also incredibly friendly and sweet which makes them a great family dog and especially good around children with their loving and gentle nature. This is also an easy-to-train and low-shedding breed which are great benefits that have many advocating that this breed is simply the best dog ever.

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