Groodle Temperament and Behavior

This unbeatable cross between Golden Retriever and Poodle is one of the best hybrid breeds. Named as Goldendoodle, Groodle, Goldie Poo, or Golden Poo, it is one of the friendliest dog breeds and has an exceptional temperament.

With an excellent temperament, friendly behavior, unbeatable intelligence, and hypoallergenic coat, Groodle is among the most popular Poodle crosses. And yes, because of its unbelievable smartness, it is ranked as one of the top 4 off 150 smartest dog breeds by the Goldendoodle Association of North America. Like other Poodle crosses such as Shih Poo, Saint Berdoodle, Bernedoodle, and Cavapoo, Groodle is also in high demand.

Before getting a new dog breed, it is really very important to learn about its health-related issues, pros, cons, temperament, and grooming, so you can take good care of that specific breed. Secondly, your first preference should be adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue. Still, if you don’t find the desired breed in a shelter, get one from a reputable breeder.

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While talking about a specific breed’s temperament, you need to consider a number of factors in order to make a decision. Let’s check below what are the necessary factors.

  • Behavior with kids
  • Behavior with other canine and non-canine pets
  • Trainability
  • Level of aggression
  • Temper
  • Ability to sense threats
  • Reaction, stability, prey drive, confidence, protectiveness, and heredity

Now, it’s the time to check for Groodle’s temperament.

Groodle Temperament


Looking for an easy-to-train dog? Go, get a Groodle. They inherit intelligence from the Poodles and excellent temperament from the Golden Retriever, that is why they are very easy to train. Like any other dog breed, they also need to be rewarded during the training sessions in order to learn quickly.

Behavior towards humans:

Groodles are among the friendliest dog breeds, as we always say. They are friendly towards familiar and unfamiliar faces. Apart from that, they are gentle, trustworthy, and loving. Because of their high trainability, they can become excellent companions for disabled people.

Behavior towards kids:

It looks like the Groodles have a special bond with kids and they make the best companions with them. They are always ready to please their humans, and especially, the kids.

Behavior towards animals:

They can never become a hunting dog because they are friendly towards other animals including cats, parrots, and other dog breeds. Surprisingly, they’ll show their gentle behavior towards them in the very first meeting.


They are highly sociable and need to be socialized from their puppyhood. The lack of socialization may develop several issues in adult Groodles including excessive barking, jumping, and separation anxiety.


They are highly obedient. They won’t give you a tough time during the training sessions.

Are they good family pets or not?

Yes, they are wonderful as a pet. And if they inherit most from Golden Retrievers they can become an ideal pet dog for any family. They do well with kids, adults, and elderly people. It is highly recommended to teach your children how to approach a dog. It is really important to avoid any issues later.


If you are looking for a family pet and haven’t got one, go for a Groodle. It is loving, friendly, affectionate, sociable, and caring. Most importantly, it has a hypoallergenic coat.

And yes, first try to find your desired dog breed from the shelters or rescue groups, if unable to do so, try to get a reputable Groodle breeder and get one from them to avoid any genetic issue in your puppy.

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