Newfoundland – Dog Breed of the Month July 2019

With the webbed feet, exceptional strength, muscular build, and excellent swimming abilities, this large-sized dog is among the top 40 most popular dog breeds in the U.S.

The Newfoundlands were bred to help fishermen in the Dominion of Newfoundland (a part of Canada nowadays). They are giant in size and have a thick double coat. Despite their big size and masculine body, they are surprisingly calm and peaceful. With such a big body and sweet temper, they are famous as “The Gentle Giant”.

As they were bred to assist the fishermen and are familiar with the waters, they have also been used for lifesaving and rescue purposes. There are hundreds of adventurous lifesaving stories which explain their courage and fearless personality.

Because of their so much positive traits, they have also been crossbred with several other breeds to form a hybrid breed with extended features. Some of them are Newfoundland/Poodle mix (Newfypoo), Newfoundland/Border Collie mix (Border Newfie), and Newfoundland/Bernese Mountain Dog mix (Bernifie).

Let’s find some interesting facts about Newfoundland dogs below.

7 interesting Newfoundland Dog Facts:

Excellent Swimmers:

Are you a regular swimmer and looking for a reliable partner to accompany you during the long swimming sessions? Go, get a Newfoundland dog and thank us later. They love water and can accompany you for the long spans of time. Their duck-like webbed feet and big muscles help them stay in water for a long time without any hurdle.

Black and White Texture:

The Newfoundland comes in 3 different colors; black, brown, and black-n-white. This black-n-white Newfoundland is exceptionally beautiful and often named as Landseer. Sir Edwin Henry Landseer was a British painter who painted a dog with the same color and texture, that is why it is often called Landseer Newfoundland.

Children Friendly:

With such a great temperament and gentle personality, the Newfoundlands are an ideal breed for children. In fact, many families trust Newfoundlands so much that they have named them as Nanny Dogs.

Heavyweight Body:

Newfoundland dogs are very huge and can weigh more than 200 lbs. The largest recorded Newfoundland dog was weighed 260 lbs while its height was about 6 feet.

Intelligence Overloaded:

They are among some of the most intelligent dog breeds. They can easily be trained and in fact, it’s like a piece of cake to teach them the basic commands.

High Exercise Needs:

As they were bred as a working dog, their exercise needs are high and you need to take them on a walk, hiking, swimming, and other outdoor activities on a daily basis. If not exercised well, they may develop behavior issues such as destructive chewing and separation anxiety which are not a good sign for such a giant dog.

Multipurpose Dog:

Newfoundland is a pure working dog and can be utilized in most of the important tasks. It can either be a therapy dog, a service dog, or the one who assists search and rescue teams.

Final words:

So, friends, it was Newfie or Newfoundland, the giant but an innocent and friendly dog which has an exceptional temperament. With lots of pros and positive traits, they make one of the best family dogs.

Still, it is not easy to keep them as a pet because of their size, heavy drooling, shedding, grooming needs, and stinkiness, so if you are the one with allergies, you should get some other dog breed.

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