Boerboel Dog Breed Profile and Facts

Boerboel is a prudent and protective dog that knows how to protect its house and family. It has mastered the skill of keeping the house safe from wild animals in South Africa and other African countries. It is a supreme dog that has the eagerness to grasp new things. 

Looking like a Macho dog, it has a muscular and athletic body, a large and thick head, and forceful jaws. Its physical appearance marks it as a descendant of the Molloser dog family.

The Boerboel is one of the most agile dogs in Mastiff breeds. The favorite task of this fearless dog is to protect its family and the place where it lives. To get the best out of this dog in terms of behavior and control, early socialization and training are recommended. It is an easy-to-train dog and it loves to spend time with its family. 

If you are considering getting a Boerboel puppy and looking for a quick and concise resource guide, keep reading this post. It is always recommended to get a Boerboel puppy from a reputable breeder. Check out Boerboel breeders in South Africa.

Boerboel Breed Profile:

Other Name- South African Mastiff
- Bole
OriginSouth Africa
Female Weight150 to 200 lbs
Female Height22 to 25 inches
Male Weight150 to 200 lbs
Male Height24 to 27 inches
Purpose of Breeding- Working farm dog
- Watch dog
Breed SizeLarge
TemperamentObedient, Territorial, Loyal, Dominant, Intelligent, Confident
Energy levelHigh
Barking tendencyModerate
Breed GroupWorking dog
Exercise requirementsHigh
Colors- Black
- Brindle
- Mahogany
- Cream
- Fawn
- Red
- Brown
Coat typeShort & straight
Smooth & shiny
Club RecognitionAKC and UKC
Life span9 to 11 years
Social AttentionModerate
Health Issues- Hip Dysplasia
- Elbow Dysplasia
Similar breeds- Mouzer Adolf
- Other Mastiff breeds
Price$1200 to $3200

Quick Facts about Boerboel:

Common Features and Traits:

It is a multitasking dog that is extremely capable of being a working dog, as well as, a loyal companion. Moreover, it is also exceptionally protective and a magnificent guard dog.

They are very obedient, quite easy to groom, and overall healthy dogs. However, don’t slip your thoughts that they could be handled easily because they like chewing and pulling, hence, they may not be an ideal breed for first-time and novice owners. They need a confident, experienced, and dominant owner who offers plenty of exercise with mental enrichment. 

Common Pros and Cons:


  • Affectionate, playful, obedient
  • Adapt with other animals if well-socialized
  • Coat Grooming is easy
  • Easy-going breed for an experienced owner
  • Excellent protector and guard dog
  • Indoor and outdoor dog


  • Aggressive towards strangers
  • Needed to be leashed in an open area
  • Not for small houses and apartment resident
  • Not legal in any country
  • Only for an experienced owner

Ideal watchdogs:

They were developed to accomplish this task and they are unbeatable in it. Boerboel dogs make excellent watchdogs, and guard dogs, and compete in dog shows very well. They also adore kids and are highly protective of them.

Large living space needed:

Since it is an energetic and large-sized dog with a dominant personality, it will need a home that has a fair space for this dog. The bigger space would also be helpful to fulfill its exercise necessities where it can easily be trained and kill its excessive energy. So, a house with a large backyard would be an ideal place for a Boerboel dog to spend time. 

Less Grooming needs:

Since it has a short, smooth, and shiny coat, it doesn’t require frequent brushing and bathing. Brushing the coat once every week would be quite enough. 

Fewer Health Issues:

Generally, they are known to be healthy dogs with minimal known hereditary health issues. However, there are a few diseases that they may develop during their lifetime, i.e., hip dysplasia, heart disease, and bloating. If you witness any symptoms of one of these diseases, visit your veterinarian immediately to figure out the reason and treat it accordingly.

Low to No drooling tendency:

All dogs drool but some less and some more, however, Boerboel is considered as a drool-less dog than other Mastiff breeds. Therefore, if you are an expert owner and looking for a drool-less dog then this is the right option for you.

Time commitment:

Owning a Boerboel is a significant time commitment. They thrive on human interaction and can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for extended periods. Be prepared to spend quality time with your Boerboel, meeting both their physical and emotional needs.

Bottom Line:

These dogs are wonderful and loyal companions. They require less grooming and a lot of exercise than other breeds. Before getting a Boerboel puppy, be sure its physical requirements match your lifestyle. Otherwise, it will be difficult for both of you to adjust.

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