Dog Books: 5 Masterpieces about Dogs

Dog lovers who love famous fiction masterpieces about dogs will appreciate reading Lassie Come Home, Call of the Wild, and Old Yeller if they haven’t done so already. These famous classics have stood the test of time, and dog lovers often read them over and over. Marley and Me is a more modern funny, heart-warming read about the joy and trials of being a dog owner. The Art of Racing in the Rain is another contemporary story with humor and drama.

Are you also into reading books about dogs? Here, we have some masterpieces about dogs for you. Let’s have a look at them.

5 Popular Books About Dogs

Lassie Come Home by Eric Knight

First published in 1940, Lassie Come Home is one of the best-loved dog stories ever. Many people have seen the movie and TV shows but reading the book about what Lassie went through to reunite with her beloved owners is a joy. Readers often discover this book in their youth and read it again with their children and grandchildren.

Lassie is a prize Collie and Joe’s constant companion. When his father loses his job, Lassie has to be sold. She escapes three times from her new owner and returns to Joe. Finally, she is taken to a remote part of Scotland, but this doesn’t stop her from escaping and attempting an almost impossible journey back to her home in Yorkshire. This story about loyalty, persistence, and the special relationship between dogs and their masters comes across as genuine and touching.

Call of the Wild by Jack London

Jack London’s Call of the Wild is an adventure story set in the 1980s Klondike Gold Rush. It’s told from a sled dog’s perspective. Buck, part St. Bernard and part Scotch Collie, is stolen from his California home and sold to prospectors. As he traverses the icy trails of Alaska, he has to fight to survive beatings, fights for food, new masters, and brawls with other sled dogs.

Buck’s circumstances change him from a faithful pet into an animal instinctively drawn towards wilder ways. Only his love relationship with owner John pulls him back to life among humans. London covers some huge concepts within the context of a straightforward storyline. Animal cruelty and the fight for wealth and power are just some of the themes in this relatable, parable-like story.

Marley and Me by John Grogan

Adapted into a movie in 2008 starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, John Grogan’s book is about a lovely but unruly Labrador. John and Jenny are newly married and decide to sharpen their parental skills. The dog they bring home constantly challenges their patience with his rambunctious behavior.

Marley may get expelled from obedience school, but he is a loyal and faithful companion, even in the most challenging times. The book is a funny and unforgettable story about the joys and trials that come with owning a pet. Grogan’s writing style combines humor and sensitivity. Those who have read the book and seen the movie feel that the book provides more depth when it comes to intimate moments.

Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

The book begins at the end of Enzo’s life when he is old and tired. He looks back on his life and tells his story from the time he was a puppy and Denny Swift, a professional race car driver, became his owner.

There are many moments in this book that are likely to make readers cry – a cancer diagnosis for Denny’s wife, a custody battle for his daughter Zoe, harsh accusations, and an impossible reunion. Enzo is Denny’s steadfast friend through it all and an honest witness to wrongs perpetrated against Denny. Sometimes the drama in the book feels overwhelming, but Enzo is so appealing and believable that readers will come away with a new respect for racing drivers and Garth Stein’s skill.

Old Yeller by Fred Gipson

Old Yeller is another classic when it comes to books for dog lovers. It tells the story of Travis, a 14-year-old boy and his relationship with a thieving, ugly cur named “Old Yeller.” In part, the book is a coming-of-age story about Travis, who lives with his family in Salt Lick, Texas, in the 1860s.

His father goes off on a long cattle trail leaving him to take care of his mother and little brother Arliss. Travis hates Old Yeller at the start but grows to love, trust, and depend on him. Old Yeller manages to protect the family from danger. The ending is a tragic one where Travis is forced to make an impossible choice. It shows what lengths people may have to go to when protecting their families.


The above five fiction books for dog lovers include three classic and two more contemporary reads. These books for dog lovers are for all ages, and everyone is likely to pick them up time and time again. They are heartwarming and genuine and cover some age-old themes. Readers will laugh, cry, and experience a roller-coaster of emotions as they appreciate the incredible relationships that can exist between dogs and humans.