All About Groodle Colours and Patterns

Groodle (also known as Goldendoodle) is one of the most popular mixed dog breeds in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA, Canada and many other countries. This wonderful dog is a cross between the friendly Golden Retriever and the intelligent Poodle. As a result of this mixture, we get an intelligent, friendly, and low-shedding breed. Due to its hypoallergenic coat, it is an ideal breed for those with hair and dander allergies.

One of the most mesmerizing features of any designer breed is its variety. You may also witness different colours, coat types, and traits in a single litter of a designer dog breed. But this post is specifically about Groodle’s colours specifically, so let us find out more about them below.

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Before proceeding to Groodle colours, it is important that we should have a little bit of knowledge about the colours of the parent breeds.

For example, Golden Retriever dogs usually come in various shades of Golden colour; from light cream golden to dark golden brown and a plethora of other colours. Interestingly, they also come in red colour, and rarely in plain black or plain white colours due to some genetic differences.

On the other side, Poodles also come in several colours including black & white, black, apricot, silver, red, white, and many others. Along with that, they also come in different variations and colour patterns. Some rare colours are also possible such as blue, Cafe au Lait, and sable.

By looking at the colours of the parent breeds, we can easily say that the Groodle may also have some wonderful and unique colours and patterns. So, let’s find out more about the Groodle colours below.

Groodle Colours and Patterns

Well, there are unlimited possibilities for colour patterns and some most popular colours are below.

Apricot Groodle

The apricot-coloured Poodle when mixed with a Golden Retriever, it mostly results in a Teddy Bear-looking Groodle. It is one of the rarest Poodle colours which is inherited in the Groodles. And if inherited, it shows some unique blends such as a black nose, toenails, and beautiful black button eyes.

Additionally, if the Apricot Poodle is mixed with a dark-coloured Golden Retriever, it will even show more versatility.

Brown Groodle

The best thing about a brown Poodle is that it may also have a gene colour of silver or black in it. So, you can expect something incredible when a brown Poodle is crossed with a Golden Retriever. Most probably, if a brown Poodle is crossed with cream or any light-coloured Golden Retriever, it may result in phantom, parti (2 different colours), or sable Groodles.

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Cream Groodle

Cream Poodles are officially accepted by the AKC and are among the popular ones. In most of the single and multi-coloured Groodles, you’ll witness the cream colour the most. When cream Poodles are crossed with Golden Retrievers, you are more likely to get a unique blend. And interestingly, you are gonna get different colours and patterns in each puppy, even if they are from the same litter.

Black Groodle

Both, the Poodle and the Golden Retriever have genetic diversity and it may result in a completely black Poodle or Golden Retriever. And due to this reason, there is a mere possibility that if they are crossed, their puppies will be completely black. Complete black means their eyes, nose, paw pads, and almost every physical aspect would be black in colour.

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Red Groodle

Looking for the brightest-coloured Groodle dog? Get a Red Groodle then. It is a red-mahogany-coloured dog that looks like a teddy bear. Red Groodle dogs are among the common ones and they are produced by crossing a dark-coloured Poodle with cream or any light-coloured Golden Retriever.

Black and White Groodle

We’d say that the black and white Groodle is one of the cutest Groodles because of the killer colour combination. Also known as Tuxedo Groodle, it is a cross between a Parti Poodle and Golden Retriever, no one can guarantee the colour though and you need to be lucky enough to get a black and white Groodle.

This canine panda has a white nose along with white markings on the head and white head. They may also have white hind legs and a white belly. Undoubtedly, they are among the most adorable dogs out there.

Phantom Groodle

A phantom Groodle has one major colour that is spread over its body along with another colour on the muzzle, in the eyes, and the lower half of the legs. They are usually black and tan but we have also witnessed some other colour patterns such as combinations of red, silver, white, and black. The phantom Groodle is the rarest of all the Groodle colours and may cost you more as compared to other common colours.

Merle Groodle

Merle is one of the most eye-catching colour patterns in dogs and the Groodles are no exception. They are rare but interestingly, most of the Merle Groodles have an Australian Shepherd mixed.

Apart from the fact that merle Groodles are a masterpiece, they shouldn’t be bred by an inexperienced breeder as the dogs may inherit genetic issues. Especially, if the 2 merle Groodles are bred together, the puppies may have several deformities including blindness and deafness.

Parti Groodle

A parti-coloured Groodle has two colours; white and any other colour, but the tendency of white colour should be at least 50%. Parti Groodles are usually multi-generational dogs with a greater ratio of Poodle. As a Groodle breeder, you need to be knowledgeable about the genes and DNA, and an extensive DNA test before breeding the dogs is a must.

Sable Groodle

Sable is a unique and rare blend of Groodle coats. Interestingly, the Sable Groodle are born plain black or dark brown, and with time, the colour starts to fade. The end product is a cream or tan Groodle with non-faded tips.

Bottom line:

Whatever Groodle colour you get, make sure you get it from a responsible breeder. Also, make sure you act as a responsible dog parent and raise the puppy in a way that it is not spoiled and becomes a good dog in its adulthood.

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