How to find a reliable pet boarding service for your dog?

Are you heading off on an exotic beach vacation this year? Kudos to your much-awaited expedition.

You’re all excited and have all your stuff handy when you see your furry friend wagging his tail. Ohh..wait. Did you make arrangements for your beloved pet?


If you have plans to leave your dog or cat alone for a couple of days or a week, you are making a big mistake because disasters are a hand away when your dogs are left unattended, especially, if you are leaving them alone for more than 8 hours. Instead, you should ask someone (maybe a friend or a family member) to pet-sit your dog. If you don’t have anyone to pet-sit your dog, then you should look for a reliable pet boarding service.

Why a pet boarding service?

A pet boarding facility can be a great option where experts take care of all your requirements- daily exercise and activities, on-time feeding, regular medicine intake (if there is any), and other necessary services. Selecting a suitable boarding facility for your pet can help you attain a sigh of relief. And, why won’t you?

Sounds interesting, right?

Now that pet boarding intrigues you, playing your part as an owner is essential. Yes, take some steps to ensure that your pet will receive top-notch care while you’re away. Can’t wait to dwell in tranquility with your decision? Let’s get started with knowing how:

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How to find the right pet boarding service?

  • Indulge in Basic Research:

The very first thing that you must take care of is the location. Decide how far you are willing to leave your furry friend from your home. For example, you reside in Tampa, FL, and you have to find the right pet boarding service. Given below is how should you initiate your search.

A quick Google search is most likely to suffice your need for a kennel home. Know if the facility staff can come and pick up your dog (or it would be best if you could visit them to check their premises and facilities). Ensure checking for reviews once you have a list of your area’s boarding possibilities.

If you are in Tampa, for example, search for keywords like “Dog boarding Tampa” on the internet so that you can skim the best facility with consumer reviews along with rankings. Check what their clients have mentioned about their amenities, experience, and cost. Screen the service properly and check their listed information.

  • Look for their Amenities:

Now that you have shortlisted some of the best boarding facilities, have a look at their amenities. Check if they’re designed to relieve the stress of changing your dog’s environment- even if it lasts for a short period.

Many dogs find it difficult to cope with boarding services. Thus, check the place properly to match your exact needs. See if the site is hygienic, offers to groom, has group play, an exercise routine, and healthy meals for your socially active dogs.

After all, you never want to settle for any less for your four-legged friend.

  • Take note of the Health Facilities:

Pet owners weigh this fact the most. Ensure that all the dogs who enter a boarding service facility are regularly vaccinated. Involving in such explicit research ensures that your dog doesn’t mix with not- vaccinated or sick animals. Add a note to your smartphone to not forget to ask this question to the staff.

  • Let your Pet Make New Friends:

Dogs are pack-bonding creatures. While few dogs enjoy being around pets, they barely know; the others enjoy playing with fellow dogs.

You’re aware of your pet’s personality and traits. Thus, if you have a socially active dog, choose a service that supports group play. You indeed value your pet’s happiness, and you’d wish to have a pet service that lets your dog enjoy their playtime while ensuring safety at the same time.

On the other side, if your dog has some specifications or behavior issues, or does not like the company of other dogs and pets, let the pet facility staff know to avoid any serious problems.

The Final Decision:

The entire essence of researching lies in taking note of all the factors and using it to determine the best pet boarding service for your dog.

After all, finding the right kennel for your pet is something that you do only once. Once you’ve made your decision, both you and your pet must look forward to seeking their services again, and the boarding facility must also look forward to having you back!

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