Aussie Pom Dog Breed Guide (2024)

Fluffy and small! Ferocious and fond! The Aussie Pom dog, which is a designer dog breed, is known to be an odd mix of contrasts. In the emerging world of designer dog breeds, the Aussie Pom stands out as a delightful fusion of two beloved dogs; the Australian Shepherd and the Pomeranian.

This article covers comprehensive insights into their origin, temperament, care requirements, and why these charming dogs are winning hearts around the globe.

So, if you are planning to get an Aussie Pom and looking for a comprehensive breed guide, keep reading this article.


The Aussie Poms are believed to have naturally existed over the years. However, they were not intentionally bred before the early 2000s.

According to many dog enthusiasts, Australian immigrants who settled in parts of North America were the first to breed this designer dog. Today, the Aussie Pom is a popular and much-loved dog in the US and other countries.

Descending from herding and hunting dogs, the Aussie Pom dogs are a rare combination of fierceness and endearment.


In appearance, the Aussie Pom is no doubt a mix of its parent breeds and therefore one of the most unique-looking dogs. Here are a few common features of the breed:

  • The Aussie Pom looks like a miniature version of the Australian Shepherd with foxlike sharp features that can be attributed to its Pomeranian genes.
  • They have curious, oval-shaped eyes, found in various colors such as blue or brown.
  • Their ears are small and erect whereas their nose can be black or brown, mounted at the center of their V-shaped muzzle.
  • The Aussie Pom are known for their beautiful straight but dense coats that are medium to long in length.
  • Their coats can be red merle, blue merle, or even tri-colored.
  • Known for furry cuteness, the Aussie Poms generally have small, bobbed tails.
  • It is a lean and muscular dog, weighing about 10 to 30 pounds with a height of 15-17 inches


Aussie Poms perfectly embody the different traits of their parent breeds. They are active and intelligent like Shepherd dogs but also loyal and eager to please like Pomeranian dogs. They are known to be very territorial pups and make excellent watchdogs. In fact, if there is a threat, you can count on your Aussie Pom to alert you.

Known for their sweetness and sensitive nature the Aussie Pom are rarely ever aggressive. However, in the absence of adequate training at an early age, they are known to exhibit destructive behavior.

Pros and Cons of Having an Aussie Pom Dog

Understanding both the positive and challenging traits of a dog breed is crucial for potential owners to ensure an ideal relationship and a happy, healthy life for their furry companion.

Aussie Pom Pros

Adorable Appearance: They typically inherit a charming blend of the Australian Shepherd’s intelligence and the Pomeranian’s fluffy cuteness, resulting in an adorable appearance.

Intelligence: With the Australian Shepherd’s genes, Aussie Poms are often highly intelligent and trainable, making them suitable for various activities and commands.

Loyal Companionship: These crossbreeds are known for forming strong bonds with their owners.

Energetic and Playful: Aussie Poms inherit the playful and energetic nature of both parent breeds, making them great for families with active lifestyles.

Aussie Pom Cons:

Grooming Needs: The thick double coat of an Aussie Pom dog requires regular grooming to prevent matting and tangling. This can be time-consuming for owners who may prefer low-maintenance breeds.

Potential for Shedding: Depending on the dominant genes inherited, some Aussie Poms may shed moderately, requiring consistent grooming to manage loose fur.

Training Challenges: While intelligent, the Australian Shepherd’s herding instincts may pose training challenges, especially if not properly directed. Consistent training and positive reinforcement are crucial.

Living with

Owing to its small size, this dog easily adapts to small or big houses. It is considered an excellent companion and gets along with everyone including the kids.

They also get along with other dogs and will rarely fuss over anything. However, they do require a great deal of mental and physical stimulation as well as affection. If neglected or left alone, the Aussie Pom suffers from acute separation anxiety that can cause it to behave poorly. So, don’t shy away from smothering your Aussie Pom with kisses and cuddles so that they never feel alone.

Since it is a naturally curious dog, it loves to play with toys and venture outdoors for an adventure. Thus, dog owners are recommended to keep a close eye on their pups to keep them out of trouble or if you have a yard, keep it secured with the hidden fences.


Aussie Poms are known to be full of energy, this is why they need frequent exercises. Two 30-minute-long exercise sessions accompanied by occasional hiking, running, and park retreats usually do the trick.

To ensure that your Aussie Pom grows into a well-behaved dog, you must start socialization activities as soon as your pup turns two months old.


This adorable dog has a beautiful double coat, that requires frequent brushing and bathing to keep it from excessive shedding.

Similarly, dog owners need to trim the hair around the furry fellow’s eyes, ears, and paws before it irritates and discomforts the dog.

Moreover, it is essential to trim your dog’s nails twice a month, and frequently brush its teeth to maintain dental hygiene.


When deciding how to feed any dog, owners need to consider activity levels, age, and size of the dog as well as nutrition levels present in available foods.

However, 1 cup of grain-free dry food, accompanied by an occasional fish oil supplement is sufficient to meet the needs of your dog. But we still recommend consulting a vet so that your precious pup does not miss out on any of its essential nutrients.

If you plan to feed your dog raw, it’s suggested to get an opinion from your vet.


Crossbreeds are generally much healthier than pure breeds if bred by reputable breeders, and the Aussie Pom is no exception. A healthy Aussie Pom dog can live up to 16 long and wonderful years.

But there are still a few health complications that your beloved dog can develop, the most common of which are hip and elbow dysplasia. A condition that leads to joint loosening which results in extreme discomfort and pain.

Similarly, owing to a genetic mutation in its parent breeds, the Aussie Pom is at a greater risk of developing deafness and blindness.

While the above may sound alarming, dog owners need not worry. With preventive health care, frequent vet trips, and a whole lot of love, there is nothing you and your dog can’t conquer.

Final Words

Aussie Poms are great dogs. They are fun-loving, curious, and full of enthusiasm. By getting an Aussie Pom puppy, there is no doubt you make an excellent addition to your family. However, like all pets, the Aussie Pom needs a lot of care and love to thrive. So, as parting advice, we recommend that our readers adopt, not shop for a dog and only take on the responsibility if they are up for it.

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