Top 19 Pomsky Breeders for 2024

Pomsky is one of the most popular designer breeds, in fact, Pomsky became famous even before its existence. It is a crossbreed of the intelligent Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian.

It has killer looks, an exceptional temperament, and a charismatic personality. The Pomsky is said to be a complete package for any dog owner. Since the Pomskies were first bred by Tressa Peterson and Joline Phillips in 2012, they have become a hot cake among dog lovers.

Before getting a Pomsky, it is always recommended to research and learn about its pros, cons, health issues, temperament, maintenance requirements of an adult Pomsky, and grooming needs. Also, to reduce the chances of any genetic diseases, get a puppy from a well-reputed breeder.

So, if you are considering getting a Pomsky puppy and looking for some reputable breeders, keep reading this article.

In this article, you’ll find some of the best Pomsky breeders so you can easily choose one. Let’s find them below.

Best Pomsky Breeders in the US

Brookside Pomskies: (Utah)

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 801-834-0282

Brookside Pomskies is a small home-based breeder that considers all of its dogs and puppies a part of its family. Located on the borderline of Utah and Idaho, their farm is surrounded by other farms and ranches providing a wonderful environment for their dogs and puppies.

They also have a 4-week training program for your puppies where they potty-train, leash-train, and kennel-train your puppies. Moreover, after you get a Pomsky puppy from them, they remain available to help you raise your puppy.

Their dogs come from excellent bloodlines that have no genetic issues and have good temperaments. So, if you are looking for the best Pomsky breeder in Utah, Brookside Pomskies is an ideal choice for you.

Pikes Peak Pomskies: (Littleton, Colorado)

Quick details about the breeder:

Puppy price: Ask the breeder.

Phone:  512-766-7325
Email:  [email protected]

Social media:  Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Pikes Peak Pomskies is a small family Pomsky breeder located on 20 acres of land in the foothills of Colorado. They are dedicated to bettering the breed, finding perfect homes for their puppies, and raising healthy well-tempered, and socialized puppies. With their commitment to the very best health standards (OFA & DNA health testing of all of their parent dogs), you can expect the healthiest puppies possible.

To prepare their puppies for integration into their forever homes, Pikes Peak Pomskies introduces their pack to a puppy training program beginning at three weeks of age that may be seamlessly continued through their adoptive families. Puppies are sent home with all age-appropriate vaccinations and deworming, a 30-day pet insurance policy, a microchip, a 2-year health guarantee, and a puppy pack with everything needed for the transition.

If you are looking for a well-reputed Pomsky breeder in Colorado for a happy, healthy, furry companion, Pikes Peak Pomskies is one of our top choices.

SD Pomskies: (Big Stone City, South Dakota)

Email: [email protected]

SD Pomskies are small home-based Pomsky breeders that take pride in raising high-quality and sweet-natured puppies. Their puppies are dewormed and up-to-date on shots before they are handed over to their forever families.

Their breeding pack is health-tested through Embark so there is no chance of the puppies inheriting genetic issues from their parents. Moreover, their puppies come with a puppy pack that includes treats, toys, and other important stuff.

Moreover, the puppies get enough playtime with children and are well-socialized so you receive a pre-spoiled puppy. If you are looking for Pomsky puppies in South Dakota, SD Pomskies is the best choice for you.

Roy Ranch Pomskies: (Scotia, Nebraska)

Quick details about the breeder:

Puppy price: Ask the breeder.

Phone:  308-223-5912
Email:  [email protected]

Social media:  Facebook | Instagram

Roy Ranch Pomskies is a small family-operated breeding business specializing in Pomskies since 2016. They aim to produce conformationally correct and well-balanced family dogs. Being a member of the POA and with all their dogs registered through the IPA, they adhere to high breeding standards.

At Roy Ranch, they really care about their dogs. They make sure their breeding stock is healthy by doing extensive heath tests. They also ensure that the puppies are well-socialized before they go to their new homes.

When you get a Pomsky puppy from Roy Ranch, it comes with registration papers, a health guarantee, a certificate from the vet, shots, records of shots and medicine, a contract, support from the breeder forever, and a kit for the puppy.

Golden State Pomskies: (Antioch, California)

Average puppy price: $3500 – $5000

Email:          [email protected]
Phone:         925-628-4867

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Golden State Pomskies was established in 2018. They were the first Pomsky breeders to temperament-test their puppies and one of the few breeders completing OFA health testing, on top of Embark testing.

They are recognized by the American Pomsky Kennel Club and Pomsky Owner’s Association. They pride themselves on being honest and transparent while providing the most beautiful, well-socialized Pomsky puppies you’ve ever seen.

They offer a variety of colors and sizes but health, temperament, and matching a puppy to the right family are always their #1 priority. All of their Pomsky puppies are vet-checked, vaccinated, and microchipped before going to their forever homes. They prefer to stay in touch with their owners and offer lifetime support.

So, if you are looking for Pomsky puppies in the San Francisco Bay Area, Golden State Pomskies should be the first-class choice for you.

Smoky Mountain Pomskies: (Christiana, Tennessee)

Quick details about the breeder:

Puppy price: Around $3000.

Phone:  615-995-4682
Email:  [email protected]
Social media: Facebook | Instagram | TikTok

Operating since 2015, Smoky Mountain Pomskies is a family-owned breeder specializing in breeding Pomskies. They are registered with the Pomsky Owner Association and breed their dogs according to the association’s code of ethics and standards.

All dogs used in their breeding program are evaluated by a veterinarian and genetically tested through Embark to ensure that they are healthy and appropriate to breed for the healthiest, happiest, best-tempered Pomsky puppies. Their Pomsky puppies are up-to-date on vaccinations, dewormed, of DNA-tested parentage, and vet-checked before they are handed over to their forever families.

Moreover, their puppies come with a 2-year genetic health guarantee. The Turners (the owners) stay in contact with many of the owners of their puppies and include lifetime customer care and support. So, if you are looking for Pomsky puppies in Tennessee, Smoky Mountain Pomskies is the first-class choice for you.

Northern California Pomskies: (Palermo, California)

Email: [email protected]

As the name indicates, they are located in Northern California, or NorCal, for short. They are a small Pomsky breeding program with the aim to breed and produce the healthiest and most well-tempered Pomsky puppies. Their 2-acre property has plenty of room for their dogs and puppies to spend quality time and lots to explore.

They have been dealing with dogs for more than 13 years and they put all their experience into breeding and raising the best-ever pups. Their Pomsky puppies come with a 2-year health guarantee and they offer a full refund within the first 72 hours if the puppy has serious health issues. They strictly follow their code of ethics to ensure responsible breeding and discourage backyard breeders.

So, if you looking for a Pomsky breeder in California, they are among the best in the state as their puppies are living happily throughout California, as well as, many other states.

Pomsky Power Puppies: (Spring City, Pennsylvania)

Email:        [email protected]
Phone:      +1 610-800-0012

Pomsky Power Puppies is an in-home breeder of Pomsky puppies. They provide Early Neurological Stimulation and exposure to household noises.

They aim to raise happy and healthy Pomskies who can grow up to be confident dogs in their family home. They select our breeding dogs based on health, structure, and temperament.

They raise their well-tempered, trained Pomskies with their family. They also make sure that their Dams are receiving proper canine nutrition and make sure each puppy is being raised in a biologically appropriate way. They take each step to ensure the best possible life-long outcome for each puppy.

So, if you are looking for Pomsky puppies for sale in Pennsylvania, Pomsky Power Puppies should be the first-class choice for you.

Portland Pomskies: (Portland, Oregon)

Email: [email protected]

Portland Pomskies is a Portland-based Pomsky breeder that has been in the business since 2015. They aim to produce the world’s finest and cutest Pomskies and they are successfully doing so. Portland Pomskies is registered with the International Pomsky Association where only ethical and responsible breeders could register.

Their puppy parents are tested for diseases, disorders, and health problems. Also, their Pomsky puppies come with a 2-year health guarantee. At the moment, they also have plans to breed Pocket Pomskies and they may announce it sometime soon.

If you are looking for the best Pomsky breeder in Oregon, Portland Pomskies is an ideal choice for you.

Pearl of the Orient Seas Puppies: (Ponte Vedra, Florida)

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 561-676-6377

Pearl of the Orient Seas Puppies is a small home-based Pomsky breeder in Florida. They are dealing with dogs for a long time and they own one of the biggest pet-sitting companies in Northeast Florida. With their utter experience in dealing with dogs, they make sure their puppies are not only well-socialized but also potty-trained before they are handed over to their forever families.

Moreover, their puppies are healthy and up-to-date on shots. They consider and treat their dogs and puppies as a family so you are more likely to get a pre-spoiled puppy.

Pearl of the Orient Seas Puppies is among the best Pomsky breeders on the East Coast. So, if you are looking for Pomsky puppies in Florida, they are the best choice for you.

Carrousel Pomskies: (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Email:        [email protected]
Phone:        707-786-3190

Carrousel Pomskies is a highly reputable home-based Pomsky breeder of Pomky puppies. They are dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality puppies, which are a crossbreed between Pomeranians and Siberian Huskies. Their Pomskies are known for their stunning appearance, loving nature, and exceptional intelligence.

They have established themselves as one of the top Pomsky breeders in the nation due to their unwavering commitment to excellence. They take great care in their breeding program, ensuring that only the healthiest and most genetically sound dogs are selected for breeding. Their Pomskies are raised in their home in a nurturing and loving environment, which ensures that they are well-socialized and happy.

At Carrousel Pomskies, they are also committed to providing customers with exceptional customer service. They work closely with their customers to ensure that they find the perfect Pomsky to fit their lifestyles and preferences. They also provide ongoing support and advice to ensure that their Pomsky remains healthy and happy for years to come.

So, if you are looking for Pomsky puppies in Las Vegas, they should be the first-class choice for you. They also fly out their puppies to other parts of the US, so you do not need to worry if you are trying to get a Pomsky puppy from another city/state.

Middle Tennessee Pomskies: (Nashville, Tennessee)

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 615-624-2284

Middle Tennessee Pomskies is yet another reputable Pomsky breeder and is approved by the Pomsky Owners Association. They started breeding Pomskies in 2013 and guess what, their Pomskies have been sent to over 100 families till now. Interestingly, they have connected almost all the Pomsky families are connected and they stay in contact.

Their gorgeous Siberian Huskies and adorable purebred Pomeranians result in some top-class Pomskies. Along with that, they also have locally bred male Pomskies. Mike and Cyndi, who are behind the Middle Tennessee Pomskies, create a wonderful environment for puppies with the help of their five grown kids and seventeen grandkids.

If you plan to get a puppy in Nashville or the closer cities in Tennessee, Middle Tennessee Pomskies is an ideal choice for you.

KP Pomskies: (Indiana)

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 812-566-1080

KP Pomskies is a small but well-reputed Pomsky breeder in Corydon, Indiana. They are just 25 minutes north of Lousiville, Kentucky. Their dogs and puppies are tested for 170+ diseases and they make sure they hand over the healthiest puppies to their forever families. They are among a few breeders who perform OFA hips/elbows/patella tests on their adult dogs, as well as, they are thoroughly checked by a vet yearly.

The best part of KP Pomskies is that their Pomsky puppies receive their shots and undergo a neuro-stimulation program that helps them become well-balanced in their lives. Chloe, Korra, and Oliver are some of their well-tempered and sweet dogs.

Loveable Pomsky: (Wooster, Ohio)

Email:      [email protected]
Phone:     330-231-4956

Lovable Pomsky is a small in-home family-based breeder specializing only in first-generation (F1) Pomskies. Their parents are all AKC registered and are the healthier ones to ensure healthy puppies.

All of their Pomsky puppies go home with a complete vet check done and are up to date on their vaccinations, dewormed, and microchipped. Moreover, their puppies undergo an early neurological stimulation program that helps them in all aspects of their life as they grow.

They aim to not only find the best home for their puppies but also to raise the perfect companion for families around Ohio. So, if you are looking for Pomsky puppies in Ohio, Loveable Pomsky is the best choice for you.

Pomsky Breeders Canada

Arkto Pomskies: (Alberta)

Arkto Pomskies is a family-run business in Gibbons, Alberta that specializes in breeding high-quality Pomsky puppies.

At Arkto Pomskies, the focus is on breeding healthy and happy puppies. The puppies are raised in a loving environment, with plenty of attention and socialization to ensure they grow up to be well-adjusted dogs. The breeding process is carefully monitored, and all of the adult dogs used in breeding are health-tested to ensure they are free of genetic health issues.

They offer a wide range of services to ensure that their clients have the best possible experience, including a comprehensive health guarantee, personalized delivery, and lifetime support. Moreover, they take pride in matching their puppies with the perfect families, taking into account lifestyle, personality, and preferences.

So, if you are looking for well-sounded Pomsky puppies in Alberta, Arkto Pomskies is the right choice for you.

Chinook Pomskies: (Alberta)

Chinook Pomskies are among some of the best Pomsky breeders in Canada. They are small home-based Pomsky breeders who did a lot of research before breeding the Pomskies. With 4 cute kids, 6 dogs, a cat, and a bearded dragon, they provide an ideal environment for their puppies who are well-socialized before being handed ever to their forever families.

So, if you are looking for a well-reputed Pomsky breeder in Canada that is a member of the Pomsky Owners Association too, Chinook Pomskies is the best choice for you.

Ontario Pomskies: (Ontario)

Previously known as Keurwood Pomskies, Ontario Pomskies are members of the Pomsky Owner’s Association, as well as, the International Pomsky Association. Interestingly, they not only breed Pomskies but also breed sports horses.

At Ontario Pomskies, they guarantee the purebred Pomeranian and Siberian Husky lineages, hence, they produce the best possible Pomsky puppies. Christina, who owns Ontario Pomskies, is a horse rider and trainer and has competed in several events. At the moment, she breeds Pomskies and Frenchtons (French Bulldog + Boston Terrier).

Pomsky Breeders in Europe

Moonlit Pomskies: (Cheshire, England)

At the moment, Moonlit Pomskies are among some of the best Pomsky breeders in the UK. Moonlit Pomskies is being led by Joanne who is in love with the dogs for a long time. She has had lots of different breeds over time such as a Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and many others.

Currently, they have some top-class dogs that are imported from the US. They socialize and stimulate their puppies to make sure they live a healthy and wonderful life ahead along with their forever families. With over 30 years of canine experience, Joanne produces the best possible puppies. If you are in the United Kingdom and looking for a reputable Pomsky breeder, Moonlit Pomskies is the best choice for you.

PomskyNederland: (Waalwijk, The Netherlands)

Phone:       +31 (0)6 41 11 07 17
Email:       [email protected]

They are the first Pomsky breeder in the Netherlands aiming to develop high-standard F1 Pomsky puppies. Located in the South of the Netherlands, their premises contain dedicated indoor kennels for puppies and puppy parents.

Their property contains a swimming pool for dogs and all the necessities that their dogs enjoy while they are outdoors. Their dogs are vaccinated and are checked regularly by the vet.

All of their Pomsky puppies are well-socialized and vaccinated before they are handed over to their forever families. So, if you are looking for Pomsky puppies in the Netherlands or other European countries (as they also place puppies internationally), PomskyNederland is the first-class choice for you.

Final Words:

Whichever breeder you choose, make sure you raise your puppy with full dedication. Also, try not to get a puppy from a Puppy mill that breeds puppies for the sake of money with no health precautions.

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