Why This Hairless French Bulldog Litter Sparked Anger

The French Bulldog has been one of the top 5 most popular dog breeds in the world. But a piece of recent news about the Frenchies has sparked anger in dog lovers. A new variety of this breed has been on verge of development for around a couple of years, which is called Hairless French Bulldog.

A litter of Hairless French Bulldogs was announced to be born in the UK. A hairless dog breed may seem attractive to most dog lovers but the bitter truth is that it comes with some serious health-related issues in Frenchies.

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Find out more about this news below.

Where does this breeding take place?

According to a report by The Guardian, this unusual breeding has occurred in Scotland where a breeder mixed a French Bulldog with the Pug and Chinese Crested Dogs to develop the hairless version of Frenchie. It is not the first time a litter of French bulldogs has been born, however, it is the first-ever litter of its type in the UK.

What’s BVA’s take on this?

The British Veterinary Association has criticized this act in its official statement. They quoted this practice as a form of extreme breeding and said that “some owners are prioritizing novelty over the health of pets”.

The announcement of BVA further stated that “many dog owners nowadays give preference to freshness or newness in their pet dogs and disregard health concerns.

What are the possible health concerns?

According to the UK’s National Body of veterinary surgeons, these pups may look healthy to a common many but there are very high chances that they would end up developing myriad issues, breathing issues, as well as, skin allergies.

The President of BVA stated, “Just because people like things to look a certain way it shouldn’t justify people being able to do things to these dogs that we know is going to cause potential harm and suffering and welfare issues”. She has given a sophisticated example that it is not mandatory that things happened the same as you consider it to do and similar is the case regarding dogs. She said, “only a vet would know how dangerous this unusual crossing is and where it can lead to this new litter.”

According to her, whenever she gets to know of this type of thing she gets very disappointed. “I wish that I could convince the owners how bad this thing is and how it affects the standard welfare of these dogs”, she added.

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Has this breeding really happened for the first time?

It seems the first breeding of its kind in the UK but unfortunately, it has been in practice for over a couple of years now. This experiment occurred in the US before and that was the first time a hairless French bulldog was produced. However, a similar response was given by the vets in which they claimed the breeder- “a monsterand predicted that the pup will end up with painful acne, dermatitis, and skin cancer. 

Luckily, vets around the world are united against such practices and their resistance against such culprits is appreciatable.

Bottom Line:

The BVA president Justine Shotton declared this breeding practice as an example of extreme breeding just for the sake of attention.

We have been witnessing such practices for a long time now and inexperienced breeders, as well as, the owners are equally responsible for this. Because there is a demand for such dogs that led breeders to perform such types of unusual, unhealthy, and ill-practiced breeding.

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