Health Benefits of Dogs for Elders

As an elder, you may need to fight several problems including some serious health issues such as diabetes, dementia, and cardiovascular diseases. These diseases may affect you even more if there is no one to accompany you and listen to you.

But thanks to Almighty, who has created dogs for us. Your pet dog is the one who is always available to accompany you and kill your loneliness. Your fur baby is the one who loves you without any intent and all he needs from you is some belly rubs, pets, and attention.

People often ask whether it is worth getting a dog for an elderly person or not because pets come with responsibilities and it may be a tough task for seniors to fulfill such responsibilities. So, we conducted quick research to find out some wonderful facts and realities about this.

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In this post, you will find answers to most of such questions. So, let’s move further.

Is It Worth Getting a Dog for an Elderly Person?

Yes! The dogs provide the best companionship whenever needed. Actually, the life of an elderly person is totally unpredictable and his needs keep changing. A pet dog can help them synchronize their life with the changes that happened in life because the dog makes them punctual and dedicated.

Dogs love routines and regularity in their life which is very important for senior citizens too. Along with that, they provide the best companionship in hard times. You may have seen service and therapy dogs doing wonders and miracles in hospitals, care centers, and disastrous areas. So, getting a dog for a senior citizen really helps if you have gotten the right breed for you.

Can a dog help elders live their life to the fullest?

Yes, your dog will keep you active and charging. You need to fulfill the different needs of your dog such as daily walks, exercise, grooming, bathing, pet shows, and much more. Also, they help you meet new people and make new friends. You explore new facts and make some new habits. A dog is always there to please you and make your life happier.

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Are there any health benefits of having a dog?

Yes, there are countless health benefits of having a dog but we are going to talk about some of them below.

  • It helps you to maintain your blood pressure at lower levels.
  • Dogs are also helpful in improving your cholesterol levels.
  • It helps you keep your triglyceride levels lower.

Not only these but daily walks, exercises, and other activities in the company of your dog improve your overall health. To avoid any health risks for you and your dog, keep them up to date on their vaccinations so they do not carry harmful germs.

Are there any other benefits of having a dog in old age?

Yes, there are many benefits of having a dog at an old age other than the health benefits. Some of them are below.

  • Anti-stress – Most pets and especially dogs are known to be the greatest anti-stress agents because when they are around, Oxytocin (a hormone in the human body) is released which lowers the stress level.
  • Recharge your life – It will help you kick your laziness and transform into a super-active human. Actually, this little fella needed to be bathed, fed, groomed, exercised, and walked daily, and you’ll be the in-charge of all such activities.
  • Sense of security – They are alert and protective. They sense dangers and in fact, they are capable of sensing the changes in your health and can alert others if you collapse or got a serious health issue. If you are a senior citizen and unfortunately alone, you MUST have a four-legged companion in your life.
  • Punctuality and routine – Dogs tend to follow routines, for example, if they need to go potty at 6 am, every morning they’ll wake you to do so. Along with that, they need to be walked, played with, and fed at a specific time and let you synchronize your life with their routine. Dogs are pure Love.
  • Full-time audience – Your dog will listen to you for hours and you can literally pour out your heart and problems and they will be like, “No worries Boss, I am with you“.

What dog breed should I get?

That is a wise question if you have ever asked this yourself. Before getting a dog, do little research on the breeds and make sure you’ll be able to maintain this dog and fulfill his needs. As per our research, some of the most suitable breeds for a senior citizen are Shih Tzu, Pug, Pomeranian, and Mini Bernedoodle.

If the elderly person needs any assistance or got an illness that needs to be taken care of- then a service dog would be an ideal choice, no matter what breed it is. Service dogs are trained to take care of their humans and they can even sense major changes in their humans’ health.

Bottom line:

We suggest that an elderly person should get a dog and he or she’ll be like hitting the jackpot. Just choose the right breed and you are done with it.

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