Can Dogs See Ghosts and Sense the Supernatural?

Since our childhood, we have been listening to that dogs can see ghosts and sense the supernatural. I remember that I have witnessed several pups over time which I believed that this dog is seeing ghosts. And I am sure many of you may also have witnessed your dog behaving a bit curious and start to stare at something invisible and start barking. Well, there are many people out there who believe that dogs aren’t that sensitive and it is just a myth.

So we planned to answer this question in this post today. Let’s find out whether the dogs can see ghosts or not, but first, a short description of the dogs’ sensitivity as it is important to know about their senses to come up with a conclusion.

First, check out this video where a Siberian Husky is barking on something invisible. What do you think, it is seeing something which you can’t see?

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How strong are the dogs’ senses?

Well, like us humans, dogs do also have five basic senses i.e., touch, smell, hearing, sight, and taste along with the sixth sense. Now, as a dog parent, you must have a clear idea that the dog’s basic senses are far stronger than humans. So, first, let’s have a quick look at all their senses below.

Sense of Smell:

A dog’s sense of smell is hundreds and thousands of times better than humans. That is why they don’t forget an odor once they sniff it and they can sniff out anything including drugs, explosives, and much more.

Also, a dog recognizes his humans through their unique scent. And you’d be surprised to know that dogs can know about other dogs’ lifestyles, owners, and health conditions by sniffing their butts.


According to a very old myth and misunderstanding about dogs, they are color blind. But, it is wrong because they can see colors with a different spectrum. For example, they see red color as brown while most colors are seen as different shades of yellow by a dog.

Apart from that, their visual field is 240 degrees, which is greater than humans as the humans’ visual field is 180 degrees and they can see much better than humans at night.


Their hearing is far better than humans and they can hear sounds about four times farther away than humans. Also, the dog’s ears are composed of 18 muscles as compared to the 6 muscles of humans. Additionally, the shape of their ears and the ability to move and tilt their ears result in the provision of more clear sound to their inner ear.

So, the dogs are capable of hearing many such voices that humans cannot hear which makes them super sensitive.


When it comes to the sense of taste, dogs are far behind humans. They have around 1700 taste buds as compared to the 9000 taste buds of humans, so we can say that their sense of taste is one-sixth of the humans.


Dogs are touch-sensitive. If you have ever got a chance to see a newborn puppy, you may have an idea that the puppies are born deaf and blind. So, they rely on touch to find their mother and a safe place. And this sense remains sensitive for the whole life. That is why a blind and deaf dog may spend good life by using its sense of touch and smell.

Now, let’s move to the question of the day which is can dogs see ghosts? Can they sense the supernatural? Are they capable of detecting the spirits?

Can Dogs See Ghosts?

Well, if you have read about all the above-mentioned dog senses, you may have noticed that their hearing, sight, and sense of smell are super-strong. And they can sense things from far away which we humans cannot even feel. That is why sometimes you see your dog looking into an invisible thing and showing distress.

According to some experts, the dogs could also sense the vibrational changes and can predict disasters using vocal warnings and by showing stressful behavior.

Also, sometimes, when a dog stops at a certain place and keeps looking for a long time, it may be because of some emotional attachment to that place or smell. And some people think it is seeing or sensing something supernatural.

So, according to the explained facts, the dogs can’t see ghosts or sense the supernatural but on the other side, many dog parents witnessed their dogs sensing the spirits and they firmly believe that the dogs are capable of seeing the ghosts.

Wrapping it up:

We can say that we still didn’t find the correct answer or theory that can support either side of this fact. This question is still to be answered clearly whether the dogs can see ghosts or not. But one thing is for sure, due to their strong senses of hearing, smell, and sight, they can see, sense, and hear much stronger than humans that made them special creatures.

So, what is your opinion in this regard? Have you ever witnessed your dog showing weird or stressful behavior towards an invisible thing?

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