Does Your Dog Suffer From Anxiety? How CBD Treats Might Help

The world of cannabis is rapidly growing as more people are embracing CBD-infused products. Apart from human use, even the pet wellness industry is joining the cannabis movement. Today, many pet owners use CBD treats to manage certain ailments in their pets, especially dogs, and one of the conditions CBD can treat is anxiety in dogs. 

Anxiety is a severe condition for dogs, and, if left untreated, it can cause other behavioral issues like aggressiveness, restlessness, and destructive chewing and barking. However, many people are still having doubts and discussions about CBD pet treats and whether they are safe. Luckily, several studies reveal that CBD contains analgesic properties that can treat anxiety and other conditions. 

This article helps you understand CBD treats and whether they can help treat anxiety in dogs

What Are CBD Dog Treats? 

CBD is also known as cannabidiol, a main constituent derived from the hemp variant of the cannabis plant. It is a powerful compound used mainly for medicinal purposes due to its therapeutic properties. Unlike THC, which contains intoxicating properties, CBD has gentle effects on users. 

Cannabidiol interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) of humans and animals. The ECS contains receptors that send signals to the central nervous system, which sends specific reactions to the body. The stimulations prompt the body to release serotonin hormones, stabilizing moods and providing relaxing effects. 

Therefore, CBD treats are edible snacks produced from broad-spectrum cannabidiol. These dog treats are usually crunchy or chewy and contain other organic cannabinoids like terpenes, CBD, CBN, and CBG. 

You can access numerous CBD treats in the market and purchase the right one for your dog. But you should understand your dog’s condition and the recommended dose before administering any CBD-infused product to your pet. So, it’s recommended to get your vet’s opinion before making any decision on it.

Causes of Dog Anxiety

It is important to understand why your dog suffers from anxiety disorders before you learn how CBD treats can help your canine friend. 

Dogs are not immune to ailments, and anxiety is among the most frustrating conditions that can also affect the pet owner. The common causes of anxiety can be categorized into two:

  • Situational. The causes include physical situations like thunderstorms, loud noises, fireworks, new routines, traveling, meeting strangers, and exposure to new situations.
  • Behavioral. The causes arise from separation anxiety, age-related anxiety, medical issues, and seasonal changes. 

So, how will you establish that your dog suffers from anxiety? Let’s explore some of the signs of dog anxiety below:

  • Shaking or pacing
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Panting and whimpering
  • Barking and whining 
  • Appetite loss
  • Nervousness 
  • Trembling
  • Destructive behavior 

Fortunately, CBD-infused products like oil and treats can manage these symptoms and give your dog a new lease on life.

Does CBD Treat Anxiety in Dogs?

CBD oil extracted from hemp is usually the common type of CBD used in cannabis treats for dogs with anxiety. Besides, hemp-derived CBD has been legalized in several states such as Texas, California, New York, Oregon, and Virginia due to its soothing and anti-anxiety effects. 

Research shows that CBD oil is a healthy remedy used by professional veterinarians to manage numerous conditions, including anxiety, which is among the common disorders in dogs. Anxiety affects both humans and animals, and CBD studies reveal that CBD oil has the properties to treat any anxiety.  

CBD helps dogs that encounter stress temporarily, nervousness, and chronic phobias. Your dog might experience numerous reasons to get stressed daily, which can result in various anxiety disorders. These include aggressiveness, separation anxiety, and medical issues, among others.

While many dog owners have discovered the benefits of CBD oil as an alternative medication for anxiety, researchers have proven that it is a healthy and organic remedy for solving the issue.

Besides alleviating anxiety levels in dogs, CBD oil has long-lasting effects that usually provide effective relief for 4-8 hours. This period is enough for your canine friend to get over the anxiety, especially if it is caused by loud noises such as fireworks or thunderstorms

Another reason is that CBD oil has a dropper, making it easy to get accurate dosages and administrations. Besides, CBD treats are packed in different dosages and flavors that appeal to your dog’s appetite. Not forgetting that you can make customized treats with CBD oil.

Does CBD Have Side Effects?  

The most important question responsible dog owners usually ask is whether CBD has any side effects or not. Even though some dogs might experience adverse effects during the first doses, the reactions might subside with time. Generally, CBD oil has little to zero side effects since the compound is organic. 

Some dogs might get drowsy and have a dry mouth when the CBD dose is higher than recommended. Hence, if your dog is exhausted after ingesting CBD, you can reduce the dose by half and note the different effects. Keep in mind that low or average doses provide energizing or relaxing effects, while higher doses might cause extreme drowsiness. Fortunately, CBD is widely known as a safe compound regardless of the amount administered. 

However, you must talk to your vet before giving your dog any CBD product. The vet will issue a proper diagnosis and prescribe the recommended anxiety dosage and administration. Besides, your vet will know if your pet is on other medications that might result in harmful interactions with CBD. 

Benefits of CBD Treats for Dogs

Besides providing anxiety relief, CBD treats are widely known to have numerous health benefits. Here are the benefits of using CBD pet treats for your dog:

Relaxing Effects 

CBD treats are meant for pets with anxiety disorders like separation anxiety or hyperactivity. The treats will naturally calm your hyper dog by providing relaxing and happy effects.

Pain Relief

With its analgesic effects, CBD is a natural painkiller for many ailments. It contains anti-inflammatory effects and offers immediate pain relief in dogs. Conditions such as joint pain, seizures, and cancer can be managed with a daily CBD dose.

Promotes Quality Sleep 

Since CBD is known for its soothing effects, it is a great medication promoting quality sleep. If your dog struggles with poor sleep patterns, these treats will alleviate the stress and hyperactivity and provide better sleep for longer hours.

How to Select the Right CBD Treat for Your Dog

When you are ready to purchase CBD treats for your furbaby, you must be keen to choose the right product(s). Ensure you are shopping from a trusted online vendor for CBD treats for dogs. 

In addition, when selecting the best CBD-infused products, consider the following factors:

  • Company Reputation. It is imperative to research the brand to avoid purchasing from scammers since there are many cannabis companies in the market. Find one with a reliable reputation and has been around for years. 
  • CBD Quality. The CBD should be pure if you want a top-quality product. It is also important to know the source of the hemp-derived treat.
  • Independent Laboratories. Insist on getting the Certificate of Analysis (COA) from third-party labs. This will help you know the brand is genuine and sells quality CBD products. 
  • Ingredients. Check the ingredients and find if there are additives that might cause allergies or adverse effects on your dog. 
  • CBD Concentration. What is the product’s CBD potency? Don’t just purchase any product. Check the CBD concentration and purchase the right product per your vet’s recommendations. 
  • Customer Reviews. Knowing what other consumers say about the product will show you whether it is the right product. So, research extensively and read product reviews online. 


CBD has potent effects that can treat anxiety in dogs. With numerous products in the cannabis market, you might miss out on the best CBD treat if you don’t know what to check for. Ultimately, choosing the best CBD treat for your dog depends on the severity of the anxiety disorder. But it would be best to take your dog for a proper checkup at a professional vet before administering any CBD dosage.