Corgi Pros and Cons – Everything you Need to Know

Both the types of Welsh Corgi are among the most popular dog breeds around the world, especially the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a champion dog.

The Corgis were originated in Wales and both of them have been used for herding the cattle for a long time. Apart from the fact that they are excellent cattle herders, nowadays they are among the most popular pet dogs.

The Corgis are extremely fluffy, entertaining, and affectionate, in fact, sometimes they look like a rockstar.

If you are planning to get a Corgi puppy and want to know the breed’s pros and cons, you are at the right place. In its post, we are going to list all the major traits of this adorable breed; positive and negative.

If you have already decided to get a Corgi puppy and looking for a well-reputed Corgi breeder, first try to adopt a puppy or dog from a shelter. If you can’t find one from a shelter, try to get a puppy from a reputable Corgi breeder, not from a puppy mill.

Let’s now find out the Corgi pros and cons below.

Corgi Pros and Cons

First, we’ll list the pros of both the Corgis; Pembroke and Cardigan. In fact, they share almost all traits but there are some significant differences between both the breeds that are already discussed in the main Corgi article.

Corgi Pros:

Excellent Companions:

Their intelligence and the ability to understand their owners make them an excellent companion. They always look towards their owners and ready to please them.

Easy to Train:

If the training sessions are rewarding, the Corgis are among the easiest breeds to train. They immediately understand your order and obey it straight away.

Great Herders:

They are great herders by nature, especially the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is said to be a herding champion. Their way of herding the cattle is very unique as they nip at the animals’ heel in order to keep them moving. Because of this very trait, they are also known as Heelers sometimes.

Very Sociable:

Corgis love everyone. Their family, kids, other dogs, non-canine pets, and guests. They are energetic and athletic, and due to their social nature, they run around other dogs and chase them.

Easy Grooming:

Their grooming needs are moderate. The Corgis have a short fluffy coat that is easy to groom, in fact, it does not require much grooming. You need to spend no more than 10-15 minutes while grooming a Corgi.

Moderate Exercise Needs:

A couple of walks daily or up to 45 minutes of exercise is enough for the Corgis. Their lower energy levels make them an excellent choice for the owners who can’t give much time to their dogs. Still, exercise is necessary to keep them mentally and physically healthy.

Unique Look:

They have a unique look that makes them a different breed. Believe it or not, the Corgi Butt has a separate fanbase and if you look closely, it’s a heart-shape made on their butt. Along with that, their fluffy coats, short legs, and a bit bulky body make them a Hollywood comedian.

Miniature German Shepherd:

Wondered? But it’s true. Corgi’s traits, looks, and temperament make it close to the German Shepherd. So, if you are looking to get a small-sized German Shepherd, you can consider getting a Corgi, especially Pembroke.

So, these were the most popular pros of the Corgi dogs, let us move to cons now.

Corgi Cons:

Loves to Bark a Lot:

Barking is in Corgis’ genes because they used to bark in order to alert their owners whenever they sensed any unusual activity. This trait is useful while herding the cattle or guarding the house but as a home pet, this trait may give you a big headache.

Heavy shedding Coat:

Corgi is a heavy shredded. The Corgi’s thick and double-layered coat sheds on a daily basis and in the shedding season, it sheds even more. So, it is not recommended to have a Corgi if you are allergic to dog hair.

Doesn’t do well with Small Pets:

Apart from the fact that Corgis have an exceptional temperament, the herder in their genes let them herd small animals and even the small children. The best practice is to keep them engaged to avoid any such issue.

Wrapping it Up:

So, friends, these were the Corgi Pros and Cons. Overall, Corgis are a wonderful breed and they can become an ideal companion for you.

Want to share something with us regarding your Corgi? Your Corgi has a unique trait which is not common in other Corgis or dogs, do share it with us through the comment form below.

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